Give to the Crozet Fireworks Fund – 2012

Did you know that the fireworks aren’t free? And that the community pays for it? (as in, there’s no great benefactor picking up the tab)

Would you have time to put in an extra appeal for the Crozet Independence Day parade, celebration, and fireworks on your website?

We’re concerned the word hasn’t gotten out as well as it could have, partly because our donations to cover the cost of the fireworks is way behind last year at this time. Maybe folks just don’t realized that this whole affair is a local community sponsored, created, and executed affair. There are not tax dollars at work here.

It’s all local effort on the parts of Crozet Community Association, Crozet Volunteer Fire Department,

Downtown Crozet Association, Claudius Crozet Park, Crozet Lions Club, White Hall Ruritans, Peachtree Baseball League, and many local churches and citizen volunteers.

Without more donations, we’ll be personally covering $6,500 bill for the fireworks and the $4,500 for the Crozet Historic District.

If you can, please give:

… make your tax-deductible charitable donation to Claudius Crozet Park, Inc., and note on the memo line “Fireworks donation.” Checks can be mailed to Claudius Crozet Park, P.O. Box 171, Crozet, VA, or delivered to the Crozet Gazette office in the Blue Goose Building on Crozet Avenue.

And …

The Annual Crozet Independence Day Parade, Celebration, and Fireworks are on Saturday, June 30th.   

The festivities begin with the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) parade at 4PM starting from Crozet Elementary (line-up at 3PM at Crozet Elementary),

The parade goes down Crozet Avenue to Tabor Street, then Park Road, ending at Claudius Crozet Park. Carroll Conley will be the parade’s Grand Marshall this year.

The town celebration starts after the parade (5:00-ish) at the Claudius Crozet Park, with live music (Second Draw, who just performed at Fridays after Five last week) and LockJaw, rides, the second annual ball game between the Peachtree League coaches and the Crozet Fireman, food, beer and wine, 50/50 raffles and drawings. WCHV Radio personality Joe Thomas will MC the event.

Traditional American Fourth of July Fare will be available, including pulled pork BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, cotton candy, and popcorn, as well as new items such as crepes, fresh bread, fried green tomatoes and deep fried Oreos and so much more!

Beer and wine as well as other refreshments will be available.

This wonderful day in Crozet will finish with fireworks around 9:30 PM, late enough to be dark, but not too late to for the youngsters to view.

Donations are being sought to pay for the fireworks and event expenses.
In addition cars entering the park will be asked to make a suggested parking donation of $5 per car and 50/50 raffles will also be held throughout the evening.
This year, proceeds from the celebration, after paying for the fireworks and other expenses, will go to create the Crozet Historic District and to establish a budget for next year’s event.
So invite your relatives, bring your neighbors, and come to the Crozet Independence Day Celebration on Saturday, June 30th!

Further details at the Crozet Gazette.

Please spread the word about these events at your church, in your neighborhood,
and among your friends and co-workers.

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6 Replies to “Give to the Crozet Fireworks Fund – 2012”

  1. Would be helpful to actually post a map of where Crozet actually is . Quite

    few people might be surprised. Some of the “Welcome to Crozet” signs are way
    off. Before a “Historic District” is created the process should become far more
    transparent. All taxpayers should be made aware of what is going on and who is
    doing it. Interesting to me is getting the County to raise taxes on everyone to
    build a Municipal Building then, want a Historic District created.

    Transparency is key to community…

      1. Thanks, Allie.

        I do agree that there doesn’t seem to have been as much conversation about this as might be warranted … but I also haven’t been paying much attention to is, so folks may be talking about it all the time. 🙂

      2. The Crozet Gazette is not even a newspaper. Would you want me to start a small Gazette, publish my ideas, then, get them
        enacted and paid for. End runs around Elected County Govt.
        might be smart politics but is bad community…

        1. Go for it. It’s a free country!
          As a resident of Crozet for over 30 years now, I appreciate the information that is disseminated by the Crozet Gazette. Thanks Mike and Allie. Keep up the good work!!

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