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Mr. Martin

Through four years at WAHS, few teachers have influenced me and pushed me to think more than Mr. Martin. He teaches both Debate and American History, and has been working and Western for 23 years now. One of the reasons he keeps coming back year after year, he said, was the interaction with his many students. The energy that comes from discussion and their unpredictable responses even to routine questions are the best parts of working as a teacher. He told me that he thinks Western is a great institution because it brings everyone closer; this does not happen exclusively at the school, however. Mr. Martin believes that WAHS hones the identity of Crozet as a whole: from the athletic events to graduation, everyone comes together as a result of Western. I definitely agree with him, and can attest to the fact that I cannot walk anywhere in Crozet without seeing at least five people I know.

by Spencer Kulow

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