Margot Diaz – People of Crozet

margot diaz - pastry chef at crozet mudhouse

Margot Diaz is the Executive Pastry Chef of the Mudhouse, the “creator of happiness, mother and wife” and she’s been at the Crozet Mudhouse for just over three years. Margot loves the Crozet community and being able to know all her customers’ names. She finds the general energy of the area energizing. She “draws a light from the mountains and the lakes and the people in this area.”

Why Crozet? “It’s just far enough out of town to still be quaint. I never if ever go into Charlottesville – everything i need is here. I don’t need a Wal-mart.” This is our idea of perfection – being in a small town.

Margot and her husband Alex were married in Romania. Why? “Why not?”

And she has matching socks. 🙂

margot's matching socks

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5 Replies to “Margot Diaz – People of Crozet”

  1. Margot is an amazing pastry chef! Love her creations. It’s nice to have such a great “local” place to start my day.

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