No One has yet Purchased the Lumberyard

Thanks to the Crozet Gazette for the research and story that “no deal closed on the sale of the J. Bruce Barnes Lumber Company acreage in downtown Crozet on July 27, the date called for according to the terms of the June 27 real estate foreclosure auction.”

In other news, Library Avenue has to be torn up a bit “Roell said that construction of Claudius Place, once expected to begin in April, has been delayed because no sanitary sewer line was installed under Library Avenue when it was built.”

… one has to wonder, why wasn’t this thought of before the road went down?

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4 Replies to “No One has yet Purchased the Lumberyard”

  1. In real estate you really don’t have a deal until the money. No money, no deal. As far as a new road being torn up and a project delayed at taxpayer
    expense one only has to ask: Who is running Crozet and how did that

  2. i will put in a guess as to the purchaser—Coran Capshaw. Are we going to change Crozet to Coranville after he buys up the rest of the land? (Westlake Hills, Music Today etc…)

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