A Day in Crozet

A guy is coming to Crozet tomorrow and he wants “to eat, see and play in all the right spots that best represent Crozet. Your feedback would be appreciated.”

What say you, Crozet? What places should he not miss?

After asking on Facebook …

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6 Replies to “A Day in Crozet”

  1. Good lord, On your way to Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway, drive through
    or stop for a snack in the bedroom community of Crozet. As you drive through the area wonder about what was here and why was it changed to
    look like everywhere else. If you have never been to a hardware store there
    is one here. Enjoy your day…

      1. Thank you. Lets see, eating , drinking, looking around at other
        eating and drinking places. If you respect the actual Crozet boundaries you will have to go outside these for the natural
        beauty. Most of this has been removed for the places celebrated

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