Tweets from the 16 August CCAC Meeting

Thanks to Tim Tolson for tweeting the meeting! I’d love if there was a way to livestream the meeting, but as that’s not an option right now, the tweet stream is immensely useful.

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CCAC Meeting from 16 August 2012

Thanks to @tfjtolson for tweeting the meeting.

Storified by Jim Duncan · Mon, Aug 20 2012 09:08:20

CCAC mtg underway. A. Taylor couldn’t be here. C’ville Tomorrow here recording for podcast later.Tim F. Jost Tolson
Police sub station could share too Looking for ideas. No date yet will circulate date/time. Meg H. uses that promote area.Tim F. Jost Tolson
Bill S says County also will also have mtgs & idea solicit for train depot library bldg in few months. Lots of possible uses.Tim F. Jost Tolson
Ann urges members to talk to folks. Why paving? Cty couldn’t get project list from VDOT for last 6 months. Last Easements signed this weekTim F. Jost Tolson
One lane closing on Crozet Ave. Btn Jarman’s Gap & Library Ave starting Aug 27. Library construction ahead of schedule.Tim F. Jost Tolson
No news on Barnes Lumber sale. 1st bidder dropped "disappeared". No. 2 declined. Back to bank at this point. Unofficial & unconfirmedTim F. Jost Tolson
Crozet library funding. PSA’s on radio Ambassador ads in Gazette-first was Ann. This month CUMC pastor Doug Forrester. Other fundraisingTim F. Jost Tolson
Can donate online, via check envelopes at Library or ways to be recognized for donating. Cute lapel pinsTim F. Jost Tolson
Tom L. PC discussed interstate interchanges. No change. Crozet interchange not talked about.T. Henry Cty staff sent great project updateTim F. Jost Tolson
CCACmtg changed to Sept 19 to avoid conflict with Crozet Chef Competition on Sept 20.Tim F. Jost Tolson
Mike Marshall updates on Crozet Historic district. Only raised about $1,600 of $4,500 needed. Indep Day fundraising didn’t happen.Tim F. Jost Tolson
Make another solicitation to Crozet Community. Donation to CCA PO box 653, 22932 Note on check Historic District. Discussion containing.Tim F. Jost Tolson
Business owners get up to 45% tax credits in District!Leslie B updating Crozet Trails Crew Built bridge and show greenway mapTim F. Jost Tolson
Soon will be able to walk from Western Ridge to Harris Teeter. Crozet Trails day on Oct 21. 5k run and tree planting at Crozet ParkTim F. Jost Tolson
Question about Western Park at Old Trail. Onto new business. Ann – neighborhood policing starts this fall.Tim F. Jost Tolson
Sept 22 is Shen. Nat’l Park scramble day. More info coming.CCAC has email list now. Sign up to stay informedTim F. Jost Tolson
Future items. Try to get Alan Taylor in Sept. Dialogue with PTOs to get them Motin to adjournTim F. Jost Tolson
At CCAC mtg tonight I Think Ann said police have 2 suspects in custody related to recent Crozet break-ins. Will check and email info.Tim F. Jost Tolson

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