Crozet Boy Scouts Food Drive – Saturday, 27 October

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In this day and age of bad press for the Boy Scouts of America, there is a small group of amazingly dedicated men who are trying to the right thing for the boys in the Crozet community. I know because my son was a member of this troop for many years. This Saturday, Oct. 27 is their annual Scouting for Food drive and they will be collecting non perishable, no glass or frozen food from houses they have left flyers at. They will also have a table set up at the Great Valu with a voluntary shopping list for those interested.
In the past years, the tons of donations were trucked into town to the Blue Ridge Food bank, this year the troop has made arrangements for all donations to go directly to our local food bank at the Crozet United Methodist Church where they serve the needs of our immediate neighbors.
My son has moved on but I want to do my part and let people know about this group of big hearted people trying to teach young boys about compassion and service to others. Part of that is knowing that people care. If you would be so kind as to post this information in your own words on your site, I would much appreciate it. If you have any questions please contact Mike Carmagnola the Dad in charge [email protected]

– Sandy Williams

Editor’s note: bad press or not, supporting our neighbors who are helping our neighbors is a very, very good thing.

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