A Few Break ins in Crozet

There have been several Crozet break-ins recently …

“Since July 24, there have been 4 daytime burglaries in the Crozet area. In all of these incidents, the homes were unlocked, and the stolen items were easily visible through windows. All incidents involved the theft of electronic equipment. Two of the incidents occurred in Old Trail, one in Bargamin Loop (across from Old Trail), and one 1.4 miles away on Railroad Ave. There have been no incidents reported to have occurred since August 8. Please be mindful to lock your doors when you leave, and report any suspicious activity to the police.”

You can see reported crimes on Crimemapping.com.

This is the bulletin from the Albemarle County Police Department.(pdf)

via Crozet Safety Corps and CPT Jenkins.

Break-ins in Crozet

I hate posting things like this. Let’s watch out for each other, Crozet.

Received Wednesday and posted on Facebook & Twitter …

I was just at the Crozet Park and spoke with an officer that had responded to a car break in that happened sometime in the parking lot there today. Back passenger window was broken out and items were taken. No other reports from The Crozet Park at this time but officer said similar occurrence today at the stores across 250 from Harris Teeter. Sounded like broken window and items in plain view taken from car ( maybe parked outside Credit Union). I tried to get a bit of info without interfering with upset victim making report. You might want to check out the details, but this might be worth an alert message to our list. Officer indicating spreading the word would be a good idea.

Help with the Independence Day Celebrations!

Crozet Fireworks & Independence Day Celebration - 2014

From the Crozet Community Association:

They need your help for an hour or two on July 5. Below is the website to sign-up to help with the Crozet Independence Day Celebration (CIDC) next Saturday, July 5, between 5PM to 10PM. There are a variety of tasks and time slots. Most of the time slots are only an hour – so there’s lots of ways to help and still enjoy the event. When you sign-up it will ask for your name, email and, optionally phone number. No one else can see your email and phone. We promise we won’t share it. It’s helpful for us to have it if something happens and we need to let you know about a last minute change.

We urge church groups, civic and neighborhood associations to sign-up. Crozet Trails Crew already has volunteered to staff one spot the whole evening! Let’s see which group can have the most volunteers!

To sign up, go here.

With your help, we can make this Crozet Independence Day celebration the best ever!

Crozet – Connect with your Nearby Neighborhoods with Nextdoor

Now’s a good time to remember to watch out for each other …

This is not an ad. But it is a suggestion about a way to connect neighborhoods.

If you haven’t used or heard of Nextdoor, it’s a site/service that is geo-fenced and is designed for communication with neighborhoods. But they also have a pretty neat feature called “nearby neighborhoods” that would be awfully useful for, say, reporting a peeping tom or an attempted break-in.

Nearby Neighborhoods is a feature that gives you the ability to have conversations with neighbors who live in nearby neighborhoods. Here are some great reasons to post to your nearby neighbors:
• To share information about suspicious activity that might affect several neighborhoods.
• To find a lost pet that may have wandered into an adjoining neighborhood.
• To rally neighbors from multiple neighborhoods to address civic issues.
• To spread the word about events like a local theatre production or neighborhood garage sale.
• To ask for advice or recommendations from the widest range of people in your community.

Please note: Self-promotional messages are inappropriate and may result in member suspension. The most important thing is to be sure that your post is truly relevant and useful to your nearby neighbors.

Really, consider signing up your neighborhood.

Thanks for Adding Stuff to the Crozet Calendar!

Thanks to everyone who added these to the Crozet Calendar (in reverse order of submission because it’s easier for me):

King Family Vineyards Polo (weekly)

King Family Vineyards Spring Barbecue (18 May)

Starr Hill Steal the Pint “happy hour” (Sundays in May)

James Sun Memorial Run (17 May)

Give4Good (6 May)

Crozet 4th of July Parade, Celebration and Fireworks* (5 July)

Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival (10 & 11 May)

Crozet Art Show (31 May)

Add your own event here – it’s easy and I think the calendar looks much, much better with all the photos you’ve submitted!

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Crozet Community Association Vacancies – 2014

From the CCA newsletter:

Crozet Community Advisory Council: Three vacancies. The Crozet Community Advisory Council will provide assistance, feedback and input to County staff and the Board of Supervisors on community and county efforts related to implementation of the Master Plan, in accordance with established county procedures.

CCA Note: The more Crozet residents are involved and participating in these boards and commissions the more our voice will be heard and our needs taken into account. 

Interested residents should apply online, by going to: http://albemarle.org/boards/

Also, mark your calendars for the next CCA meeting on 13 March.

Recapping the CCAC Meeting of 20 February 2014

The Albemarle County school budget, Barnes Lumberyard and the developers’ intentions, the Crozet library is busy and needs funding and more. Huge thanks to @CVilleKim and @TfjTolson for tweeting the meeting!

As a reminder, this is the Crozet Master Plan (it’s referred to a lot).

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Charge Everything, Crozet!

We might get some snow. But really, after the derecho we’re all prepared, right?

IF we do get snow:

RealCrozetVA’s Twitter and Facebook pages have proven useful community hubs (I’ll post here on the blog, too) for checking in on power outages, road conditions, which coffee shops are open (not necessarily in that order)

– I’m thinking/hoping the recent undergrounding of power lines should help prevent power outages.

– Schools will probably be closed for the week

** Update – Click through for some preparation tips from Albemarle County **

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