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The traditional definition of a derecho is a thunderstorm complex that produces a damaging wind swath of at least 240 miles (about 400 km), featuring a concentrated area of convectively-induced wind gusts exceeding 50 kts (58 mi/h, or about 93 km/hr).[2] Some studies add further criteria, such as a requirement that no more than 2-3 hours separate any two successive wind reports.[3] Derechos typically possess a high or rapidly increasing forward speed. In addition, they have a distinctive appearance on radar (known as a bow echo) with several unique features, such as the rear inflow notch and bookend vortices, and usually manifest two or more downbursts.

Update 1 July: every day brings further affirmation that Facebook is, for events such as this fine for conversation. Bit for disseminating timely information. twitter is infinitely better.

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