Boil your Water, Crozet — Maybe

Via twitter:

@jasonsee – Just got off the phone with Service Authority and they confirmed a boil water notice until further. #crozet

Assuming you have power. Or gas. Or charcoal. Or fire of some sort.

Update: @dp_citybeat is working on confirming this:

@realcrozetva @jasonsee I’m checking on the rumored boil water notice in Crozet. They’ve sent nothing to the media to that effect.

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Via @dp_citybeat — @realcrozetva @jasonsee Gary O’Connell, ACSA head, says there’s no boil water notice. They’re just asking folks to conserve.

@jasonsee– @dp_citybeat @realcrozetva Worst customer service because that’s clearly not what I was told when I called.

Ellen — @jasonsee @dp_citybeat @realcrozetva she clearly stated that she was an answering abc and was saying it to Cover her ass

Update 2: Lee Catlin sent me a quick email:

No boiled water restrictions in Albemarle County

Personally, I’d be boiling my water. If I had power.

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8 Replies to “Boil your Water, Crozet — Maybe”

  1. Can’t find any other source for this claim. Acsa, NBC 29, no mention of this. Acsa web site says nothing and phone message simply states normal working hours.

    1. To be fair, the ACSA site looks like it was last updated in 2002. 🙂

      I don’t know any more than what’s posted above, but I’ve emailed Albemarle County for more information. Until further notice, I’m going to be sticking to boiled or bottled water, just to be safe.

  2. I called the ACSA emergency line (888-252-3468) and asked the CSR if residents of Crozet needed to boil water, as I had heard a rumor. She put me on hold for a second and came back and said “yes there is a boil water notice in effect.” I repeated back – “So just to confirm, you are recommending that residents Do boil water?” She said “Yes” I asked for how long, and she said “Until further notice.”

    I recommend calling them yourself….maybe we’ll get conflicting information?

  3. I called ACSA just now and the operator spoke with the field agent. The message was confusing: while he had no direct knowledge of any contaminants, he was nonetheless recommending that people boil their water (here’s the kicker) “if they choose to do so”. If you’re not confused, I want your brain.

  4. ok – what radio station were people using to get status on post storm events? A bit disappointing not to successfully find a single radio station that provided information on water, power, grocery stores open.

    1. @dc64872484a697581cc7dca7a5e8ad3d:disqus – I was having this conversation at lunch; radio stations were oddly silent (from my perspective). I listened to WINA & 97.5 and tried 106.1 on our emergency radio, and didn’t hear much of anything.

      Without access to the internet & Twitter, I would have been almost entirely isolated.

      1. We definitely felt isolated as land phone lines where down as well as cell phone coverage (voice and data) was out in our area.

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