Crozet – Connect with your Nearby Neighborhoods with Nextdoor

Now’s a good time to remember to watch out for each other …

This is not an ad. But it is a suggestion about a way to connect neighborhoods.

If you haven’t used or heard of Nextdoor, it’s a site/service that is geo-fenced and is designed for communication with neighborhoods. But they also have a pretty neat feature called “nearby neighborhoods” that would be awfully useful for, say, reporting a peeping tom or an attempted break-in.

Nearby Neighborhoods is a feature that gives you the ability to have conversations with neighbors who live in nearby neighborhoods. Here are some great reasons to post to your nearby neighbors:
• To share information about suspicious activity that might affect several neighborhoods.
• To find a lost pet that may have wandered into an adjoining neighborhood.
• To rally neighbors from multiple neighborhoods to address civic issues.
• To spread the word about events like a local theatre production or neighborhood garage sale.
• To ask for advice or recommendations from the widest range of people in your community.

Please note: Self-promotional messages are inappropriate and may result in member suspension. The most important thing is to be sure that your post is truly relevant and useful to your nearby neighbors.

Really, consider signing up your neighborhood.

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