Crozet Town Hall Meeting – 8 November 2012

I sense we are at a (new) crossroads for the Crozet community … the town hall will be an opportunity to listen, learn and speak about the forthcoming changes – more new construction, more traffic, school challenges – this will be a great chance for the community.

I think that this is a meeting that is important – one that I think would warrant getting a babysitter to attend.

One thing I have noticed from going to a lot of these meetings is that there are rarely any people under the age of 40 … the future of Crozet depends on the voices of all – and I sincerely think that (no disrespect intended) leaving the conversations and decisions up to those who are more able to attend so many meetings is a disservice to the community.

I can’t promise the meeting will be anything other than boring policy-talk, but if you don’t make the effort (and yes, maybe a little sacrifice) the community will likely suffer.

via email –
Crozet Town Hall Meeting – Rescheduled for November 8 Supervisor Ann Mallek, along with the Crozet Community Advisory Council and Albemarle County staff, invite residents to attend a Crozet Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, November 8, 2012 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Field School (Old Crozet Elementary School).

The meeting will focus on a variety of topics including:

• Updates on infrastructure projects like the new library and the streetscape project
• Police and fire initiatives
• New development projects
• Parks and recreation activities  

There will be opportunity for questions and answers as well as interaction with Supervisor Mallek and County staff members, including Police Chief Steve Sellers and Fire Rescue staff, on topics of particular interest.  

?All interested residents are strongly encouraged to attend.

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5 Replies to “Crozet Town Hall Meeting – 8 November 2012”

  1. Jim, I agree whole-heartedly we need the ears and voices of young adults, families. I’d love to hear how we could make that easier. Provide babysitting? Start meetings earlier?

    1. I don’t know that starting earlier would be much help. I think the 7 pm start time is great – allows folks who have regular work hours to get home, eat, go to meeting.

      I think providing babysitting would be great, but the logistics may be a bit overwhelming.

      1. A live (delayed a bit is even acceptable) audio broadcast would at least allow others to listen in that can’t physically be there. There are quite a few service that do this, some free, some monthly and some per-use.

        I’m not sure if this would actually get a larger participating attendance or reduce the physical attendance.

  2. I don’t live in Crozet but AMEN! Local gov’t, usually innocently, creates a system where only the retired and marginally employed can come to community meetings. Then, they fall prey to Squeaky Wheel Syndrome, where you give too much weight and attention to people who complain without considering if their complaints are really indicative of the rest of the population. I have two small children, and yet where I live, school board, town and county business, it’s like they deliberately schedule stuff to make sure my voice won’t be heard. I know that’s really not the intention, but it’s still extremely frustrating.
    In terms of solutions – providing child care could work. Also, consider hosting a Google Hang Out or similar online forum, after 8 pm. Or have a facebook or other online-mediated event. Give EQUAL weight to the comments you’d hear as you would to the small cadre of codgers who can actually make the in-person meetings. I know some of my local elected officials, good people all, and I know they’re taking (usually unpaid) time out of their lives to serve their communities, so I’m sympathetic, but it’s the 21st century, it’s time to embrace new tools for civic engagement.

  3. Let me suggest this. If all this is a done deal, if nothing can be changed, whats the point? Is it so important to get a crowd together to validate what is going on? If a crowd wanted to take the area in another direction would you still want them there? All you are saying is that we are having a meeting, we
    want you to come and listen to what we want to do. You can speak if you want to. Every resident of Albemarle County can approach their elected officials
    and County Staff through various means and discuss whatever they want.
    No need for a staged, public, show… If something was offered that people actually wanted they would show up. Try giving away $10 bills. Or, if Crozet
    actually had elected officials that could held accountable.

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