Crozet Town Hall Recap – 8 November 2012

Lots of good information tonight at the Crozet community Association

– Crozet trails connectivity
– Geo policing
– Power outages
– Crozet Library fundraising
– Streetscape and more

Huge thanks to @Ryan for tweeting the meeting!

Click through, go to the end and work your way to the top.

Update 13 November 2012:

the minutes from the meeting (pdf)
the power point slides of streets cape/infrastructure

(thanks to the CCA’s new site)

Crozet Community Association + Crozet Town Hall

Lots of people (about 50), lots of County staff (guessing 10-13) and lots of Crozet information and questions

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.@tfjtolson says the Association is “made up of those who show up”. True. #Crozetrealcrozetva
I pulled this one out and made it the lede because it’s succinct and accurate. Lots of stuff happens in these meetings, lots of information and sharing. Believe it or not (and I know it’s hard to believe) this is where progress happens. 
From here, start at the bottom and work your way up. 
Historic district approved. Fundraising going on. #CrozetRyan
Bos is trying to reverse slide in police hiring. 30 officers short right now. 3 new hires per year. #CrozetRyan
Vdot is understaffed. Hard to get follow through. #CrozetRyan
Ann’s back! Tabor and st George will have water main meeting soon. #CrozetRyan
Network and spread the word about Crozet library fundraising. Let committee know abt leads. #CrozetRyan
Several areas of library are already fully funded – if you want your name on the library, give soon! #CrozetRyan
Library fundraising! 100k matching grant – we need to raise 100k, already halfway there. #CrozetRyan
No money for Old Trail park. Natural area park for now. #CrozetRyan
Reaping fruits of proffers from years ago. #Crozet connector is in reach.Ryan
Workday on Saturday! No poison ivy, snakes, or chiggers make winter a good time for construction. #CrozetRyan
Dan Mahon is up. Working on community engagement countywide. Crozet has great volunteers, partnership. #Crozet is the model.Ryan
Need more space for rookie division – improvements coming to field school and Brownsville. Practice time on lighted fields. #CrozetRyan
Peach tree baseball – babe Ruth requires transition field now – two mounds, sets of bases. #CrozetRyan
@crozetbulldogs you’re welcome! This is the first time I’ve been able to come!Ryan
Thanks to @realcrozetva and @rprav8r for tweeting #crozet meeting tonight for those of us who can’t be there!anne.d
Awesome Crozetians asking tough questions. #CrozetRyan
"We can’t do our jobs as police officers without the assistance of community." #CrozetRyan
I asked chief Sellers if there were any police issues we should be aware of; he said only teenagers hanging out and getting in trouble.realcrozetva
The Crozet trails breakout has the most people. Nice.
Ann taking about power outages. Like Western Ridge and Parkside Village.realcrozetva
Ann Mallek trying to work with VDOT. On “suicide lane” in front of harris teeter. Also a sidewalk is in the 6 year plan. #Crozetrealcrozetva
The code for b&n to donate to Crozet library. 10853588
Bill Schrader giving update about Crozet library fundraising. The barnes and noble thing was good – can still use the code to donate.realcrozetva
Update from Anne Mallek about the Crozet tunnel – Nelson County will be fundraising soon.realcrozetva
Question about the Western Ridge trail. “Is it a public trail?” Answer:yes.But it doesn’t connect to anything yet. But it will soon #Crozetrealcrozetva
Question about the Old Trail park. Answer: county doesn’t have he money to do anything with it.realcrozetva
Crozet Connector trails will be great – connecting neighborhoods.realcrozetva
Byrom Park abuts the National park. Byrom is opening another mile soon.realcrozetva
Workday on Saturday! No poison ivy, snakes, or chiggers make winter a good time for construction. #CrozetRyan
Dan Mahon saying he has the best group of volunteers – Crozet Trails Crew led by Jessica Mauzy.realcrozetva
Tim Hughes and Dan Mahon with the parks and Rec. athletic improvements: peach tree baseball.realcrozetva
I doubt the microphones that @cvilletomorrow has here are picking up the conversation but I’m still glad they’re here. #Crozetrealcrozetva
Question: will the police ever get out of their cars? (Good question)realcrozetva
So sorry to my non Crozet followers for filling up your timeline. But small town life IS my life. :)Ryan
Another shot of the town hall … candidly I wish more people were here. #Crozet
Officer Jenkins says he needs the community’s help in policing; we’re in it together. Here he is: (save it 🙂 )
When traffic starts on the Crozet streetscape, traffic is going to be hairy. (Ride bikes and walk if you can!)realcrozetva
Full implementation of geo policing is first week in dec. #Crozet lots of info on upcoming web page.Ryan
Officers designated to work in same geographic areas day in day out. Get to know each other, creates ownership and accountability. #CrozetRyan
Geographic policing – community involvement. Comprehensive strategy to community policing initiatives. #CrozetRyan
Next up – county PO chief Steve sellers. #Crozet resident. Handing off to Greg somebody, district commander. #CrozetRyan
Existing north sidewalk crosses private property. #CrozetRyan
Sidewalk design plans to be finished this month. Need vdot approval before construction. #CrozetRyan
Planned proj-north sidewalk project from st George to Crozet elem. safe routes grant to extend sidewalk to Ballard,add crosswalk. #CrozetRyan
Award of contract first q 2013. #CrozetRyan
Streetscape – final plans to be finished this month. List of steps to be approved by vdot. #CrozetRyan
Jack Kelsey up on streetscape. Utility relocation – getting rights of way. Poles and wires will be removed. #CrozetRyan
Storm water – wetland basins on Crozet ave. almost completed. Functioning. #CrozetRyan
Century link fiber conflicts with storm water but its getting worked out. #CrozetRyan
Ron somebody updating library construction. On time on budget. #CrozetRyan
The last rights of way have been acquired for the Crozet streetscape.realcrozetva
Streetscape update from Jack Kelsey. I hope their slides will be available; I will post them on RealCrozetVa.realcrozetva
Crozet Library: “on time and on budget”realcrozetva
Trevor Henry showing the infrastructure updates and ends with a pitch for folks to come to the WAHS football game tomorrow night.realcrozetva
Improvements coming to CSX parcel. #CrozetRyan
Update on streetscape project. Good overview of infrastructure projects. $15million. #CrozetRyan
Trevor Henry up to facilitate the town hall. #CrozetRyan
Update on streetscape project. Good overview of infrastructure projects. $15million. #CrozetRyan
Impressive array of Albemarle County staff here this evening. #Crozetrealcrozetva
Glad @rprav8r is here live tweeting.realcrozetva
Civicness at the #Crozet Community Assoc + Crozet Town Hall.
At the Field School for the #crozet town hall.realcrozetva

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