Walking the Crozet Trails

I spent my Saturday morning with my small one and the Crozet Trails Crew walking the trails from the Westhall neighborhood to behind Foothills Crossing and close to Western Ridge.

This was (lamentably) my first foray onto the Crozet Trails, but I’ll definitely make it a priority to return … more and more of my buyer clients (and existing Crozet residents) want connectivity between neighborhoods and “stuff” – and would rather not have to get in cars.

If you can, I highly recommend walking, hiking, learning, helping with, and proselytizing about the Crozet Trails.

Read more about the Crozet Trails Crew at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

I took a brief video of Dan Mahon talking about the trailhead in Westhall and the plans for future connectivity … if I can make time to edit it, I’ll put it up.

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