RealCrozetVA Logo Design Contest

Design the RealCrozetVA logo!

You may remember last month when I talked about how I thought it was time for RealCrozetVA to have a logo.

As RealCrozetVA has been focused on the Crozet community since its inception, I figured the community could design the logo. I’d love for the logo to be something Crozet-focused designed by a Crozetian. Art/design-minded parents, feel free to assist your kids if they choose to draw something. Ultimately, I foresee having the final design tweaked a bit so that it’s ready, so if you enter a logo, please be prepared for it to be shined up a bit.

Really, I want this to be something of and for the community. So … design away!

My goal is to have the logo (or text saying on a t-shirt no later than 13 September – the 8th birthday of RealCrozetVA!


– Deadline for entries is 1 July 2013

– Selection will be 15 July 2013

– If no one enters, I’ll just do text – RealCrozetVA

– By submitting, you agree to transfer ownership of the logo to me so that I can use it for RealCrozetVA stuff

– Email or dropbox the logo design to me at [email protected]

Winner gets

– At least one t-shirt with your logo (and probably two or three)

– Huge thanks.

– The knowledge that you’ve contributed something valuable to the Crozet community that will live on (hopefully) for years to come.

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