Sidewalks Coming to 250 near Harris Teeter?

Pedestrian improvements have long been advocated for by the CCAC and Crozetians for some time. There may be a glimmer on the sidewalk horizon.

thanks to Charlottesville Tomorrow, this PDF staff report notes:

Crozet Avenue North from St. George Avenue to Ballard Drive (north of Crozet ES) — This project will provide safe pedestrian access to school by providing sidewalk repairs/improvements and installation of a crosswalk and warning lights. A VDOT Safe Routes to School Grant has been received to fund the portion of the project from Crozet Elementary School to Ballard Drive. Construction plans for the portion from St. George to Crozet ES are 90% complete. The design plans for the Safe Routes to School Grant portion will be completed January 2012. The grantfunded portion of the project (crosswalks and warning lights/signage) will proceed as the first phase of this improvement. Total Project Cost- $677,500 (current funding $314,000 ; includes $190,000 Safe Routes to School Grant) (FY13 VDOT Revenue Sharing Funds received)


US Route 250 West, Crozet – Construction of sidewalk, crosswalks and streetlighting from Cory Farms to the Cloverlawn commercial area and Blue Ridge Shopping Center. The project should also include sidewalk connections from the new sidewalk to the Liberty Hall community and trails connecting to the Lickinghole Creek Greenway trail. (FY14 VDOT Revenue Sharing Funds received)

If you (we) want these sidewalks, talk to your Supervisor (Ann Mallek) and staff and make sure they know your opinion. Better yet, let ’em all know by emailing them.

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39 Replies to “Sidewalks Coming to 250 near Harris Teeter?”

  1. Hopefully stoplights are included as well otherwise the sidewalks will just encourage more people to cross a deadly stretch of 250 that has already taken two lives and serves as a drag strip for most of the area motor heads.

    1. Deadly? Someone at their mailbox and a person on a skateboard.
      While this is terrible, it is nothing any of the above will fix.
      Overreacting to things does not help. Nothing in life is certain. You
      can not insure that people are not hurt or die from accidents or reckless acts. You can overreact, distort facts, or just improve
      your own life to lesson the odds of something bad happening to you…

      1. If drivers know that pedestrians are to be expected on or near the road due to proper signage and prior experience of pedestrians on that section of road, it may very well make drivers more cognisant of the conditions and less likely to use their vehicle as an unintentional weapon.

      2. Ed, your inane comments are the reason that I haven’t been to this website in several months. Looks like it’s going to be another several. Jim–evidentially you have no control over your website. Too bad it’s excellent except for Ed’s drivel.

        1. Great, And, what was your outstanding contribution? Good blog sites respect all civil opinions. Too bad that you cannot appreciate that.
          It’s all part of community…

          1. Ed, 4 years I been coming and posting.

            Not one thing do you like or support. Plenty, plenty of people think the Oracle Realtor of Crozet’s website is irrelevant because of you and all the negative vibes (Moriarity).

            Your opinion: divergent, yes. Good. Democratic.

            But you hate it all. Loathe the process. Pine for something long gone. Never, not once, not ever in support of anything in your community. Not on this rag of a pretend local website.

            You’re a self-licking ice cream cone.

            But at your age it must feel good to whine while the whippersnapper carpetbaggers from cville and fluvanna screw it all up.

          2. Thanks, Bodos.

            To be fair, I think you give him too much power and influence to say that his commenting makes the site irrelevant. Encouraging the occasional beating a head on a desk? Yes. Irrelevant? Nah.

            But I do appreciate that someone knows I’m a Realtor. 🙂

          3. The name of the site was a dead giveaway of your
            profession along with the “about” section. What I
            see here is a classic example of “if you don’t like
            the message, you go after the messenger”. It’s
            like that up in DC now. It is how our govt. operates.
            No leadership, if you don’t like what someone is saying, just find or make up something that is wrong with them. If a person had any real power
            none of this would be taking place. But, Would
            sidewalks really prevented those two deaths up
            on Route 250?

          4. I’m not suggesting that sidewalks would have fully prevented the accidents but it may have helped prevent them. My original suggestion was that along with sidewalks we needed a stoplight and maybe even a median to help control traffic and protect the increased pedestrian traffic that the sidewalks would inevitably invite.

          5. Whoever wrote this just chooses to think that it is better to say something about a person you don’t know rather to accept the fact that not everyone thinks like you. There is a large part of the local
            population you do not know or understand. My age
            or what I love or hate you will never know. What I will never understand is how people claim to love
            a place and then will say anything to try to justify
            changing it. There are communities that refuse to allow this type of growth. Too bad we are not one of them. Shame you don’t feel secure enough to belittle someone using your real name…

          6. Ed hasn’t retired yet. He has a few more years to go. He works at UVA and will be able to walk to that new gas station opening up on 250, no less. I will say he is actually the same in person as he is on here, which is rare. Most people cut loose on the web but keep it in check in the real world. Not so with Ed. He shares his bitterness as openly and freely in person.

            Ed’s views on transportation safety issues do occasionally cross the fictitious boundaries of Crozet. Perhaps a bypass around Harris Teeter would be best?

            “I keep hearing the word ‘safety,'” said Edward Strauss. “Good Lord, people. If you want to make [29] safer, build the western bypass. This is a revenue enhancer.”

            Below is the link to the full article. Knowing Ed, I am frankly shocked he gave the media permission to photograph him and publish it.


          7. Good that you posted the link because the issue was Red Light Cameras not a bypass. But, the best way to make a road safer is to take traffic off of it.
            As far as bitterness goes, it is all about what you want to discuss…

      3. 1 dead·ly adjective ?ded-l? : causing or able to cause death

        That “Someone” and that “person” were my neighbors and their friends and families miss them terribly. Overreacting? Really? Are you trying to argue that stoplights don’t help prevent accidents? BTW who is distorting facts? Which fact in my initial comment are you saying I distorted? Things can be done to reduce the probability and impact of accidents not just suggesting that individuals drive safer and watch out for themselves.

        1. People would not die in accidents involving motor vehicles if they were banned, would they? How
          simplistic do you want to get? Skateboards and motor vehicles don’t do well together. How would what you suggest fix that? Someone killed by an out of control vehicle well, no solution for that either. Route 250 is not a residential street. it does not need to be bottled up anymore than it already
          is. There is no easy solution.

          1. People would not die if they weren’t hit by cars. What are you talking about simplistic? Fix what? What do you mean skateboards and cars don’t mix? Of course they don’t mix. They’re not liquids. They are solids. What car was out of control? Were you there? Did you witness both incidents? Then what kind of road along that stretch is 250 by your definition. Do people “reside” along 250? Yes. So how is it not mixed use to include residential? It is not bottled up either. Do you even live in the area? Do you even know what you are talking about? How often do you travel through that stretch of 250?

          2. From 3 months ago… People live next to interstate highways in some areas. Sometimes people wander out on them and there are problems. Do
            they redesign the highway? Put in a stoplight?
            Route 250 is a scenic byway, not an urban street.
            People cross the road every day without problems.
            People have lived along this road ever since it came into existence. Don’t they still teach children to look both ways before they cross? You want a solution to a problem that does not exist.

          3. From 2 months ago… No one “wanders” out into a highway. People are not sheep. Route 250 is not a highway. It has stoplights all along it. Again you write as if you have never driven on Route 250. I wish you would do your homework before replying. I hardly ever see people crossing 250. Plenty of deer but not many people. It is not a typical thing to see except maybe near the schools. Why are you so cynical? My kids know how to cross the road but I would never let them cross 250. I used to work on 29 and learned quickly that was not a safe road to cross on foot. I didn’t have to get hit by a car to see that. Some roads are just inherently dangerous to cross. Why must we be reactionary and wait for more accidents before we make it a safer area to travel. There was a car accident just the other day right in front of Harris Teeter. Can’t we be proactive and based on the obvious existence of more shopping and residential properties and the increased car and eventually pedestrian traffic plan ahead?

          4. Making up stuff won’t work here. Where are all the stop lights?? The last one is at the top of the hill leaving Charlottesville just past Northridge. You
            do not see another one until the intersection with Miller School Road. If you leave Waynesboro the
            first one you hit is at WAHS. Route 250 is a highway that is designated a scenic byway by the state.It is not an urban street. Instead of building sidewalks and crosswalks that few would use, it
            would be far simpler to just curb development. Most
            people do not live here because they want an urban lifestyle. It is very easy to cross from Harris
            Teeter to the ABC Store.and back. But, most people prefer to drive…

          5. I don’t work at Northridge. I work in Charlottesville. From Emmet street to WAHS/Old Trail there are no less than 14 stop lights plus one blinking yellow. Hmm lets see I wonder why they put stoplights at all those intersections along 250? Rt 250 is not a highway. Technically it is a US Route according to the current version of the MUTCD that VDOT subscribes to. And not even a primary route. Thus the three digit number which means its a spur route of a two digit route. Highway is an old term used mainly in the old days to refer to any road that connects two towns. The scenic byway designation has absolutley no bearing on our current debate. What does that have to do with sidewalks and stoplights? I think it only dictates whether you can cut trees down around the road or something environmental. I never argued anything about anything being urban. Again I have no clue what some of your statements are even about. Try as you might curbing development is futile. I’ve lived in Crozet for 11 years and every year “locals” say they want to curb development and growth but somehow it keeps growing. As more and more people choose to move to Crozet they are going to want access to goods and services. I doubt Crozet will ever be considered urban in our lifetimes but it certainly can and may already be more suburban than rural if that’s your argument. People choose to drive rather than cross 250 on foot because it is… oh wait a minute…safer. Hmm. Let’s meet at HT one day and I would love to see how easy you cross it on foot during rush hour. You might want to look both ways first though or didn’t your parents teach you that.

          6. You just cannot do it can you? From where on Emmett street are you counting lights? Forgetting the fact that Emmett street is already in Charlottesville. The point being there are very few stoplights from Charlottesville to Waynesboro along
            Route 250. I know and am willing to prove that I can cross Route 250 far faster than you can make up the words to tell me that I can’t… What is rush hour
            and why did you leave an area that has whatever that is???

          7. Do what? Your first question makes no sense. I started at Emmet St. where it intersects with Ivy Rd./University Ave. As you may know Ivy Rd. is 250. But maybe you don’t know. Pull out your old folding map. I’d say pull out your smart phone but you probably don’t have one. You make a good point about the lack of stop lights but why would one need a stop light? Isn’t it when the population concentration and vis-a-vis traffic increase warrants a safer intersection. Please do so. Maybe you can get someone to video record you crossing back and forth. I would propose that you do it at various times of day on various days of the week to get a good feel for the experience and varying risk levels. Also try it at night too when the youngsters are out drag racing. Rush hour was that thing back when before your retirement when kids went off to school or when the workers of the world came home from work. I don’t know how long you’ve been retired now so maybe when you get up at 10 am every morning the traffic isn’t too bad. I did grow up in Norfolk but have lived in Albemarle County for 18 years; 11 of which in Crozet. I love living here and love the slower quieter lifestyle but it is growing and thus the infrastructure should grow with it. I love having Harris Teeter right next door and go to the eye doctor across the street and love the Subway and other restaurants. I left Norfolk for work up here. Where are you from Ed?

          8. Making personal remarks about me does not help
            whatever you are trying to say. Emmett St and Ivy
            Rd intersection are in the city of Charlottesville.
            But, your comments about smartphones and maps
            show your desire to just throw anything at a discussion relevant or not to try to get your way.
            You are childish and insulting. You do not know
            me yet you claim that I am retired. You claim that
            there is drag racing? What does a stoplight have to do with that? And, what are you doing about it?
            You should learn to respect other people’s opinions
            even though you do not agree with them.
            You love Subway??? Go talk to your cat…

          9. Well aren’t we the pot calling the kettle black. The hipocracy is thick today. Thanks for setting such a great example of how to make data driven arguments and not make personal comments. You made it personal in your very first post. Let’s see here are some of my favorites: “You can overreact, distort facts…”, “Making up stuff won’t work here.”, “You just cannot do it can you?”, “You are childish and insulting.”, “You love Subway??? Go talk to your cat…” That last one takes the cake. I can’t tell if you are accusing me of witchcraft or insulting my asian heritage. I’m sorry when did we establish the scope of our conversation to only Albemarle County and Augusta County. You included Waynesboro so I thought I could include Charlottesville a much more relevant scope. You simply chose the boundaries that best fit your argument. How am I getting my way? I don’t see any stoplights or sidewalks sprouting up yet. I’m just expressing my opinion backed up by numerous facts. I also love clarifying for the readers your falsehoods and misinformation. You have been insulting from day one with your ridiculously insensitive comments about my neighbors who lost their lives on 250 and then say well there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Tell me then, it is obvious some of my claims of where you’re coming from must be true if they hit such a nerve for you to resort to the very thing you espouse to be improper posting etiquette: name calling. Drag racing does occur. I live right on 250 and have witnessed it many times. We are expressing our opinions. Opinions are very much based on our personal backgrounds and situations. If we have generational differences that’s OK. Many of my favorite people in the world are retired baby boomers and older. So are you retired or of retirement age? If so and still working god bless you. Keep at it and maybe there will be some social security benefits left by the time I retire. What do you mean what does a stoplight have to do with that? It has everything to do with that. It adds an added deterrent to reckless driving. I’m replying to all your counterintuitive drivel is what I’m doing. What are you doing? I respect your opinion. I’ve never said you shouldn’t have an opinion so stop trying to squash mine. And your last comment does border on racist so I hope the operators of this website take note of it and not allow such comments on their website, Herr Strauss. Aufwiedersehen.

          10. Nick–most of us have quit discussions with Ed. His buffoonery is well known in the community and so hardly anyone will carry-on a discussion here with him. He’s not worth the effort because mainly it’s a waste of time. It’s because of Ed that I rarely visit this site anymore and the participation on this site is nowhere as high as it could or should be…unfortunate for the community.

          11. Thanks, Steve. It’s OK. It hasn’t taken much effort at all responding to his posts. I just don’t want people to think he represents anyone’s opinion other than his own. Sounds like his antics are well known and mostly ignored. That is reassuring.

          12. Buffoonery, whatever that is, is well known where?
            I do quite well among people I know. But, I realize that you must be a real leader of the community
            to make these statements. Just like you rarely
            visit this site but, just happened to stumble on this.
            In community all voices are heard. If you are going to use that word you might as well hear the logic behind it. Since you rarely visit this site though,
            you will probably never see this….

          13. You do not have a clue as to my age or whether I work or not but you still ramble on. Now, I am German as well. A data driven argument is based on factual data. Where is yours? Again, if you
            actually have first hand knowledge of drag racing
            what are you doing about it? And, what will a stoplight do about this?

          14. Oh stop crying. You have no clue about data driven arguments as you have not presented one credible fact in any of your comments. You present many opinions. All your own mind you. Why is everything about you all the time? You actually haven’t even made an argument. You just keep asking the same questions over and over again which makes me think you don’t really believe your own position on the subject. I think you’re just playing devil’s advocate at this point. Sorry it took me so long to realize it. I mean how can someone not know that stoplights are an effective means for increasing safety and deterring speeding and reckless driving. Now that you are aware of the drag racing what are you going to do about it? Mark it down that’s the first concession you’ve made. You are so inspirational and such an example of leadership and community action. (April Fool!) I’ve never heard of you until you started engaging me in conversation. I won’t hold my breath waiting to see your name on any ballot or public service awards anytime soon. Tell me what causes you have championed that should motivate me to act?

          15. I don’t care what you do. How you choose to ignore your own words and make fun of me says more about you than me. You claim first hand knowledge of an illegal act, drag racing, yet do nothing but
            whine about it here. Yet you are all about safety.
            Just as long as somebody does it for you. Stop lights do not stop this, it just provides a starting and end point. Stop lights are a traffic control not a safety feature. How will a stoplight keep an innocent person at their mailbox from being run over? How
            would a stoplight keep something that does not belong in the road from being hit? Those facts just
            keep getting in the way of a mature discussion. With people like you in this community there is no reason for me to ever consider changing. Have at it…

          16. Oh you have been very clear about your uncaring attitude towards others. Your next statement makes no sense whatsoever as have many in our conversation. What I write is what I mean. You need not interpret it any other way. I answered your question. Do you call 911 every time you see someone roll through a stop sign, exceed the posted speed limit, or text while driving? I doubt it. You have reached new heights of ridiculousness. You are really reaching now. No more decent arguments left and you resort to childish games. I don’t need to manage the traffic flow myself. These days we have stoplights and speed limits and yes sidewalks. Stoplights control traffic to ensure the “safe” transit of cars through the intersection. What other primary reason for traffic control is there? Please see my previous posts to answer your repeat questions that you are notorious for doing. I’m not asking you to change. Why do you feel you must change? You are who you are. I don’t need to say what you are. You make that very clear in your own words. Have at what by the way?

          17. You answered what you wanted to. The thread is about how would a stop light solve your problems.
            Helping the crowds cross the road, skateboarders,
            and people at their mailbox. Your previous posts do not answer any of it. You want money spent but are only willing to throw out general terms to justify. You
            cannot answer these for yourself. You can only fault others for questioning what you want. I do not
            want anything. I am not claiming all these bad things to try and get what I want. There is nothing dangerous about this stretch of road. It needs
            nothing done to it. Urban areas have what you desire. You do not live in an urban area.

          18. The thread is not about how a stop light would solve my problems. Pray tell what problems do you think I have that a stop light would ever hope to solve? Where did you get that? At least you’re not making it about you this time. You’re learning but please write in complete sentences at least. Your first three sentence fragments make no sense. Any of what? Why are you seeking answers? Do you work for local government or VDOT and are surveying people for solutions? When did I say spend money? You must be replying to someone else’s post. Are you sure you have the right website? I don’t fault anyone but you. Don’t say I’m faulting this multitude of “others”. Its only you Senior Strauss. If you want nothing then why do you continue to reply to my replies. You must want something. A friend maybe? You’re living in a dream world. Get your head out of the sand. Again you claim to know me and what I desire. Really? I never said I lived in an urban area. Read my past replies. We already went over this subject. You might want to get checked for memory loss. I know our discussion has been going on for a while but its all right there for you to rediscover over and over again. Please stop rehashing old topics.

          19. Thread is about stoplights and sidewalks. That’s all.
            No interest in you what so ever. Clear now?

  2. Proper pedestrian access across 250 in front of Harris Teeter would be a much welcome addition to the neighborhood. I live in a town home across the road and frequently take advantage of the grocery store. On one such occasion after a knee procedure I decided to get out of the house and get a little gentle exercise by walking to the store. Due to the procedure I was temporarily using a cane to ease pressure on the knee, which made me a little slower moving than normal. After looking both ways for traffic I entered the intersection, about a third of way across the street an SUV rushed out of the Harris Teeter entrance without stopping and headed directly towards me. Given my distance from the side of the road and my momentum, I decided to keep going. Rather than show the slightest sign of slowing down, I could swear that the vehicle actually accelerated when it saw me in the middle of the lane. Thankfully I was able to make well into the middle turn lane when they whizzed by me going at least 30 mph.

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