Break-in at Mint Springs Park

I know that break ins happen and we have relatively low crime in our somewhat insular world of Crozet, but this still sucks.

via email –

I was at Mint Springs Valley Park in Crozet with a photographer and my daughter yesterday (Saturday) having her senior pictures taken.  We walked away from our cars which were parked at the first parking area to the left upon entering the park where the fishing lake is located.

When we returned we found that our locked cars had their passenger and driver windows smashed out and our purses had been stolen out of the cars.  … This must have occurred fast and furious. This has been a terrible experience for me,the photographer and my 17 year old daughter. Who would think that such a terrible thing could happen in a small rural park in Crozet. I guess the world is changing fast and furious as well.

I felt the people of Crozet needed to be aware of this crime and to please be careful in that park. The police did not appear overly concerned so that is why I am writing to you to inform folks.

It is obvious to me we were targeted and watched as we walked away from our cars so as not to be aware of what was to happen after we were out of sight of the cars.

I have already been back there this morning to look around the roads just hoping they threw our purses out once they got the contents they wanted. But I found nothing.

The police took my information and the photographer’s information for the incident report. They did not seem to be very surprised or alarmed this occurred. I asked him if there had been any other breakins like this in the park and he indicated there had been, as well as in the town of Crozet.

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6 Replies to “Break-in at Mint Springs Park”

  1. I’m so frustrated with all the break ins here! Our cars have been broken into 2 times both in our driveway! We feel extremely violated! This is supposed to be a small safe town. Not a town full of crime. Where are the police and why don’t they care??

    1. Police cannot do anything to prevent this. What a person can do
      is to keep valuables out of sight, even in the trunk. Just make believe you are still in an urban area. Would you leave something in plain sight that you value? As population grows this type of thing grows as well. You cannot pick or chose who moves to an area. Sorry to hear it happened. And, Crozet is not a town full of crime. It is not a town….

  2. Just like it says at our gym-don’t leave valuables in the locker. Dont leave valuables in plain sight in yoyr car either. Its sad but people are always looking for an opportunity to steal.

  3. My understanding is that this has happened in recent months at Pen Park, Meade Park, and the parking lot for the Saunders-Monticello Trail as well. Things were taken as well from cars in driveways in Crozet neighborhoods, but I think in that case it was only cash and only if the cars were left unlocked, and I believe they caught the men responsible. Just good to be mindful, keep your doors locked, and keep your valuables either with you or hidden.

  4. From an email commenter:

    I want to thank whoever it is that wrote in to inform us of this terrible event. What an awful thing to have happen on what otherwise should have been a very happy outing. We have lived in Crozet for nearly 10 years now and always felt it to be very safe. Having lived in Northern Virginia most of our lives we feel very lucky to live in a small, simple, traffic free, relatively safe place. Lets hope that this is an isolated incident. Thank-you again for being conscientious enough to inform Crozet readers.

  5. This also happened at Crozet Park a few months ago. They are targeting places where you will leave your purse/valuables in the car. Sad.

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