Help the Crozet Lions and Salvation Army

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This year the Lions Club of Crozet is organizing opportunities for ringing Bells for the Salvation Army in front of the Crozet Great Valu Market, and we want to invite all friends and neighbors in Crozet and environs to participate.

We have scheduled bell ringing for the following dates:

Friday, and Saturday afternoons and/early evenings, on December 13 and 14, and on December 20 and 21, and on Monday and Tuesday December 23 and 24.

We have set up two simple procedures for everyone to sign up.

For those who are comfortable with email, we have set up an account with Signup Genius.???The address is:

For those who are not comfortable with email, please call Phil Best at (434) 823-2431.Normally we expect to have two people sign up for each hour.

However families or small groups are certainly welcome to ring together. If you prefer to ring alone, please sign up for both slots at a particular time. If you prefer to ring with a particular person or group, or family please sign up together in the same time slot.

Those who have had past experience with this activity often remark that it is very positive for both the volunteer and the donors. Frequently volunteers report, with amazement, that when they said “Thank you” to the donor, the donor would often reply enthusiastically, ”Thank You for doing this”.

If you have any trouble signing up or any questions, please call or email Phil Best at (434) 823-2431, or [email protected]

Thank for your interest.

Have a very happy Holiday Season

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