Thanks, Sal’s

I posted this on the RealCrozetVA Facebook a little bit ago …

First, the carrot soup at Sal’s is really good.

“I’m sure this happens at other restaurants, but it highlights why I like Sal’s Pizza and Crozet.

Small one and I were in Sal’s tonight for daddy-daughter-dinner-date night.

Waitress was putting chairs on tables, sweeping and such on the left side just before 8 as we were finishing. As we were walking out after having great pizza and a really good carrot soup, a young couple walks in. Waitress says … we close at 8 but come on in!

Couple says “we’ll just get something to go then.” To which se responded, walking them to a table “no no! Y’all were in here last week right? Water and a Mr. Pibb?” (I think it was water, but I can’t remember … and this is 30 minutes later!)

So … thanks, Sal’s.”

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