Looking Back at 2014 in Crozet

2014 – as seen through the RealCrozetVA lens:

A year of the Streetscape, the CCAC wielding its influence, (parts of) the Crozet real estate market stabilized/picked up, the Crozet Library solidified itself as a hub of the community, Old Trail continued to grow, the RealCrozetVA facebook and twitter thrived, and the Crozet community time and again demonstrated how Crozet is a great place to live.

– I’ve gone through the 180 posts on RealCrozetVA in 2014, and (painstakingly) some of the most-engaged RealCrozetVA facebook posts and picked what I thought were the most interesting/relevant posts.

– You can subscribe to RealCrozetVA by email, follow RealCrozetVA on Twitter, or like RealCrozetVA on Facebook. A note on Facebook – we tend to have very good conversations and interaction there, but I don’t post everything there that gets published here.

– I’m a Realtor who lives in and loves Crozet. In my ideal world, I’d never get off my bicycle to show houses or meet seller clients. (and I know this will likely never happen). I rarely explicitly say this, but if you’re moving to Crozet or thinking about selling your home, I’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.

What did I miss?

Thank you. Thank you everyone for being part of the Crozet community. I’d like to think this summary captures in a small way what a great place Crozet is to live.

January 2014


February 2014


March 2014


April 2014

May 2014

Crozet Streetscape. Tabor. 28 may.

June 2014


July 2014

Crozet Volunteer Fire Department

August 2014


September 2014

October 2014

Crozet Streetscape - 25 October 2014

November 2014

Crozet, Virginia

December 2014


Thank you everyone, for making Crozet a great place to live!

Thanks to Blue Ridge Internetworks for the hosting!



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