Musictoday bought by Delivery Agent

The Daily Progress reports:

Fitzsimmons said his company — with 375 employees in its San Francisco headquarters and offices in Denver, New York and London — will keep Musictoday’s nearly 150 employees and its 200,000-square-foot office-and-warehouse space in Crozet, with plans to expand.

“We’re committed to the Virginia space and to the employees,” he said. “We have a great team there — tenured and loyal. We’re committed to expand the operation there.”

The company already has contracted for space for about 50 more employees in another facility in Charlottesville, he said.

Good news that they’re not moving from Crozet (which would be a tremendous loss) but I wonder why they’re adding to another facility rather than Crozet?

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2 Replies to “Musictoday bought by Delivery Agent”

  1. Hmm…Do you really not know why they are expanding elsewhere?
    Pretty sad when even Charlottesville has less red tape to go through…

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