Update on the Funny Looking Crozet Water

Remember the funny Crozet water? Albemarle County Service Authority has released an update. Short story: the water is fine.

Click through to read the statement.

We finished today another round of more extensive testing at 5 locations, plus before and after from the water treatment plant.
All testing came back normal. Water safe to drink.

We have not gotten any calls since Sunday morning. We are monitoring the community social media and have not seen any postings.
We have continued to flush in several areas near earlier calls as a continuing precaution.
We have gone back talked again to several of the earlier callers, and they have told us their water has cleared up.

We cannot point to any one thing as a cause of people observing discolored tub water.

We will be sending out an update to the community tomorrow via our website, facebook, and email.

As requested by Bill, we had a lengthy discussion at the ACSA Board meeting today about the issue and what happened. We are exploring proactive ways to be able to communicate better if such an incident occurred in the future. We are going to try to increase our Facebook presence. We will be exploring a number of other communications methods. In discussion with the EOC about targeted phone calling in an emergency, which they can provide. We will be making a report to the Board next month on our assessment of next steps for communications. In the end though the quickest and best direct way for our customers, is to call our 24 hour number and we can dispatch an employee immediately to check out the situation.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Gary O’Connell
Executive Director
Albemarle County Service Authority
168 Spotnap Road
Charlottesville, Va. 22911

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