What if … Crozet Had Sought out that Brewery?

Remember the sort-of-discussion about a brewery that had expressed interest in Crozet?

They might end up in Richmond.

Richmond is one of the final cities under consideration by California-based Stone Brewing Co. for its first East Coast operation, a highly coveted project that has drawn interest from cities across several states.

The company anticipates spending at least $20 million for the facility’s initial phase, and expects to create hundreds of jobs, according to the company.

Food for thought.

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7 Replies to “What if … Crozet Had Sought out that Brewery?”

  1. It would have been great, IF, Crozet had proposed a good location. Instead, they proposed putting it in a residential neighborhood right next to schools. The Richmond location, however, is much more sensible and conforms to neighbor zoning as it is in an industrial area – near Millworks, Manchester Industries, and several other shipping/loading industrial operations. Let’s not strive to turn Crozet into a land with no zoning bounderies.

    1. You would have a valid point if the proposed location was in Crozet. It was not and the people of the area lose out again.
      Crozet is unincorporated and lacks any elected representation.
      There was no water or sewer where this thing was proposed so it was clearly even out of the growth area. In a residential neighborhood? Next to schools? Sorry these baseless statements
      do nothing but keep good jobs from coming to this area and doom
      Crozet to staying a bedroom community.If nothing else, hopefully
      this latest episode will put us one step closer to finally getting rid of the nonsense that currently manipulates Crozet.

      1. I agree. Crozet needs employers and jobs in Crozet, otherwise we remain a bedroom community beholden to whatever Cville and the North 29 plan allows.

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