Two Points of View on the Future of Barnes Lumber

Mike Marshall of the Crozet Gazette wrote one side of the Barnes Lumber future and Frank Stoner with Milestone Partners, prospective developer of Barnes Lumber, responded. In internet-speak, the opinions are long, but spend a few minutes reading. You’ll be more aware when you’re finished reading.

Regardless of which side you find yourself on, take some time and get educated about what’s happening and what might happen in Downtown Crozet.

And then ask questions.

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2 Replies to “Two Points of View on the Future of Barnes Lumber”

  1. To me this is not a one way or another issue. There is a third option:
    None of the above. You can say no to developers. You can say no to
    Gazette owners. The master plan can be changed and it probably will.
    Until Crozet chooses to have elected govt. instead of being unincorporated this is what you get. I think Mr. Stoner should bring
    some industry to Crozet. It would actually do the area the most good
    instead of something that is not needed at all.

  2. It’s really, really great to read both of these. It sparked good conversation at the breakfast table this morning. Thank you. I think I agree with Mike, in that I don’t want to see houses or first-floor residences within the downtown proper (like the downtown mall), but I appreciate very much hearing Mr. Stoner’s reasoning. I’m in no way an expert and look forward to learning more. I hope the conversation can continue civilly and with the intention of providing clear information. Thanks.

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