2 Replies to “Would you be Willing to Pay More Property Taxes?”

  1. I am not willing to pay more in property taxes until we KNOW the Assessor has ALL parcels on the tax rolls and they are assessed uniformly and equitably; the County at least makes a good-faith effort to get out of the Revenue-sharing agreement with the City or revise some terms; and the County looks long and hard at the current Land Use policies which support lifestyle choices, not only people who farm the land.

  2. This is not as simple as it is presented to be. You can not fund everything.
    You can either fund Library/Municipal buildings and Urban Renewal projects or fully fund schools. There will never be enough money for
    the current bunch we have now to spend. The Revenue Sharing agreement with Cville is not a one way deal. It stops them from being
    able to annex more of Albemarle County. Annexation might be a better option though. At least those areas get to have elections for who is going to represent them. Read the agreement…

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