CCAC Meeting – 15 May 2014 – A More Typical Meeting than Usual

This (putting together this story and last night’s meeting) took a lot longer than usual. Storify (the awesome service I use to aggregate the tweets) wasn’t functioning as usual, so I had to manually pull in the tweets.

– More discussion on Barnes Lumber development
– Rutherfoord hotel aiming for late Spring 2015 opening
– Streetscape is moving forward
– Library is kicking butt
– CCAC is going to try to meet again before the Albemarle Planning Commission hearing about Barnes Lumberyard on 17 June.

As usual, please click through, scroll all the way to the bottom and work your way up. And then get involved and ask questions.

Update 16 May 2014:

Frank Stoner with Milestone sends this:

Thanks for the summary. People need to remember that this part of the process is only about identifying the transportation corridors and figuring out general land use patterns. The real planning process won’t start until the rezoning is completed so I don’t know how people could already surmise that our plan won’t be pedestrian friendly. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the successful redevelopment of downtown will require full community engagement on several critical questions that are not addressed by the existing master plan. They are as follows:

1 – What will downtown Crozet’s identity be? What will make it a desirable destination? What should it look and feel like?
2 – How will people get there ? The Library Avenue extension needs a connection back to 240 near downtown to provide adequate circulation within the downtown commercial district?
3 – What businesses do we want to locate downtown and how can we make it an attractive place to locate businesses?
4 – How will we provide adequate parking for the DCD and still promote compact, pedestrian friendly development? DCD needs a long range parking plan.
5 – How will we build and maintain quality civic and green space in the downtown district?

I’m hopeful that we can work side by side with the CCAC and the rest of the Crozet community to address these important questions because, without consensus and solutions to these, the rezoning, with our without the SUP won’t bring the stores, businesses and residents that we need for downtown to be successful.


Update 2:

This is a 10mb pdf of the most recent comments from Albemarle County Staff. If you’re curious to read/learn more, go to Albemarle County’s great County View and search by either application # – SP201400001 or as I did it, “PLApplication ProjectName Contains:” = Barnes.

A few highlights before I embed the entire meeting’s tweets:

I’ve created a new category to capture all of the CCAC posts here.

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3 Replies to “CCAC Meeting – 15 May 2014 – A More Typical Meeting than Usual”

  1. I said this on the facebook post …

    “I think that now what would probably be most useful is for the Crozet Community Advisory Council to draw up their own plan of what they would like downtown to look like rather than saying “no” to everything I think that it would be beneficial for everybody to see what their vision actually is.

    Draw it up so that we can see exactly what it is that they are advocating for.

    I think it is unreasonable to continually reference “the plan the plan the plan” when a great deal of the Crozet population was not here when it was originally drawn up nor were they here when it was updated.

    This is not a criticism of the Council but a suggestion that they explicitly *show* what it is they are looking for rather than simply saying “no we want better.”

    1. But, they do have a plan. It should be obvious to you by now. For
      change to come they have to go. It will take a great deal of the under served people of Crozet to do this and an election too.
      Drawing up a new plan is beyond their scope. It is far easier and
      safer for them to continue on their current routine. If even you
      are getting tired of this image how others feel. Don’t you think that the BOS should get involved? It is actually their responsibility.

  2. A great deal of the Crozet population is not represented by this group.
    When there are elected boards that actually represent the people it gives more weight to the thoughts and actions. Middle ground is found and things tend to move forward. I don’t understand why Mr. Stoner or Old Trail management would even waste their time here. There is no power
    or vision , just someone else’s plan. They use it to imply authority they
    do not have. Sort of like the plan police. People now really have a way to express themselves to the real authority. It is only an e-mail away.
    [email protected] Your thoughts and opinions do count…

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