Nice Story about Crozet

In C-Ville.

As to my comments in the article – I can’t count how many times people have told me that they were thankful for RealCrozetVA as they were preparing to move to the area.

I’m grateful and thankful for those of you who support and contribute to the site. Yes, I’m a real estate agent, but I don’t write this site for any reason other than that which I defined nearly 9 years ago.

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One Reply to “Nice Story about Crozet”

  1. and we’re thankful for RealCrozetVA even having lived here for a few years too! you keep us informed about and engaged with our community… you remind us of its past and keep us looking at its future… and you nudge us to continually explore its offerings and question its issues – helping to keep Crozet the vibrant place that it is!

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