The Past Week on the RealCrozetVA Facebook – 8 June 2014

While I don’t particularly like Facebook, but I recognize its value to the community and sometimes a quick post on Facebook is better than a quick blog post so as not to flood everyone’s inboxes. I’m going to do this type of summary post more often – what do you think?

May 27 – I posted a link to this – Are Fearful, Lurking Parents a Reason for Uninspired Transportation Choice? – something to think about when thinking about getting around Crozet.

May 28I asked for help from WordPress people in the re-making RealCrozetVA.

May 29I noted that the paving/road work in front of the new Restore N Station is causing significant traffic delays.

May 31 – Someone asked for yoga instructors/studios in Crozet; members of the community answered.

June 6 – I saw a question “what are some fun things to do with kids in Crozet?” – and y’all gave some great advice. (I’m going to make this a full post on the blog soon)

June 6I posted this picture I took when I was out for a bike ride.

“Took the opportunity for an early evening ride. Many of the things I love about where I live: being able to ride my bicycle for five minutes and hear running water, smell cow manure & see tight bales of hay.”

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