New Look to RealCrozetVA

You’ll notice some changes at RealCrozetVA. I’m playing with a new look while trying to keep the functionality and usability of the site as high as possible.

There’s still quite a bit I’m going to try to make time to make better (notably the calendar, the search for homes page(s) and a few other things), but the focus will remain trying to provide as much useful, relevant content as possible.

A couple things I like – the upcoming events on the left sidebar (would love to have more music shown here), comments prominently on the right and the link to the Facebook widget on the right, stronger imagery at the top, and generally a cleaner look – for desktop and mobile.

Feedback, suggestions (and help) always welcomed and appreciated.

A question for you mobile users – which looks better? (click through)


RealCrozetVA - Mobile - Before


RealCrozetVA - Mobile - After

Interestingly, if I’m reading my google analytics accurately, a vast majority of new users come to via mobile, while an even greater majority of total users are desktop users.

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3 Replies to “New Look to RealCrozetVA”

  1. Jim – like the new look. Clean and lean without losing information. Also like the mobile version better. Again, leaner, but not smaller so it’s hard to read on mobile device. Thanks!

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