Like Polo at King Family? Tell the County

Personally, I think having polo at King Family Vineyards is a tremendous addition to Crozet.  More than 200 people attend polo. 🙂

From NBC29:

A Crozet vineyard is encouraging fans of its free Sunday polo to help keep the popular event going.

Changes to Albemarle County code now require King Family Vineyards get a special use permit if the matches attract more than 200 people.


And a comment there:

Dear Friends of Roseland Polo at King Family Vineyards, We hope you have enjoyed watching polo over the last 10 years as much as we have enjoyed hosting it! In the next few weeks, King Family Vineyards will be applying to Albemarle County for a Special Use Permit that will allow us to continue Sunday afternoon polo in its present format. If you would like to see polo continue, please send your message of support to Amelia McCulley, Zoning Administrator, Albemarle County, at [email protected]. Thanks for your support and we hope to see you again next year! Cheers, The King Family


Heck, if you don’t like polo, tell them that too.

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19 Replies to “Like Polo at King Family? Tell the County”

  1. They also like to stop traffic on a public road. They have a guy standing in the middle of the road on the yellow line trying to direct traffic. This is not legal. Why do these people keep coming here, buy some land, then try to dictate the terms they want to operate under? Polo
    is nothing special, grape farms get far too many breaks as it is. I say no more special consideration. Live like the rest of us.

    1. First of all it is legal in Virginia when a person is certified to direct traffic. Just thought I would share this information with you.

      1. Nope, get all the paperwork you want and walk out to the middle line on Rt
        250 and see how it goes. You need a badge and a reason. Kluge tried the same thing down by Scottsville and just because you want to hold a self serving event gives you no right to control traffic on a public right of way.

        1. First of all not that its any of your business but I have directed traffic for the schools on rt 250. I am certified to direct traffic. And my job is none of your business. YOU ARE WRONG. You dont know what you are talking about so learn to keep your mouth shut. Thanks. Glad I could educate you.

          1. You need to educate yourself. Directing traffic for a County school system is different that for a private land owner that wants things his own way. So if you do not know the difference you should keep your mouth shut. Again, If you think that you are right go stand in the middle of Rt 250 in front of private property and see how long you last. But, if you did that It would only prove that you do not know what you are talking about… For an accident or other unusual circumstance
            but not just standing there being a mobile traffic control. Did you some
            how miss the part above where I wrote, “You need a badge or a reason”? I guess it is easier just to spew words…

          2. Well the next time you see me stop and tell me what i need. I will be glad to show you that i have all i need. You need to grow up. I know the law. Dou you know what CERTIFIED mean? CEETIFIED means i am trained and have been approved to do a job. Feel free to embarrass your self some more by leaving comments. But hey its funny because you just dont know who you are talking to but unfortunately i know who you are. So now that you know what Certified means maybe you will grow up and go on with your life. I hope you have a wonderful night because i am.

          3. I know who you are but, that has nothing to do with it. There are limits to what you can do and if you don’t know this you need to grow up.
            Your job does not give you the power to use it to get your way on the internet. That is childish at best on your part. I expect that this is against policy and common sense. Back to the point, anyone cannot stand in the middle of the road and be a mobile traffic control. Except
            you, cause you is CEETIFIED. The grape farm should hire you.

    2. Here goes Ed again. I leave this website for several months and the first thing I see in returning to it is Ed’s bluster and hot air. Ed, don’t you have a job or somewhere you can spend beside gumming up the RealCrozet website. Such a buffoon.

      1. And what makes your hot air rise so high? And, since you value your own opinion so much without adding anything to the thread what is your point?

  2. I love the massive amounts of traffic on local roads so that folks can “watch” polo (1% hobby) and get toasted before driving their lexus and bmws to their townhouses and “country” style mass produced garage and paved cul de sac HOA and seasonal (autumn, halloween, piddling acc school affiliation) flag on white porch suburbia in such unique and cute places like Old Trail (which was once actually farmland. what the F is Old Trail anyway? the view was much better before that yuppie paradise was bought and bribed for) .
    This is directly aligned with the privilege granted to these “farms” (with tax dodging conservation easements) to cater to the indulgences and whims of the rich dabbling in wineries as an excuse to hold massive parties and events under the guise of their faux business while thumbing their noses at the community that existed and sits in the way of the land rover lifestyle.
    Please continue to encourage and profit from the destruction of crozet, the smokescreen scantly disguises the money grab, polo and wineries being a small cog in the complicit destruction of western alb county that can be witnessed with blog updates hosted on this very site with a smile and link to your new town home right above! granite counters and mountain views included!

    1. Just several points to make clear. First, the land that Old Trail now occupies was not in conservation easement. If it was it could not be developed. Next, it has to be realized that Crozet is a designated growth area, a plan carried out in the 1970’s with the agreement of the citizens of Albemarle County to preserve the rural character of Albemarle County. Under the plan, which still exists, 95% of the county stays under rural zoning and 5% was set aside for development. So to blame people who moved to Crozet encouraged by a plan put in place decades ago is just sour grapes and most of the post is clearly wealth envy. As for King Family vineyards, that land is in conservation easement, which means it won’t be developed and the fact is the King Family and their operation have been a net positive to the Crozet Community. As for polo I would just point to the Pink Ribbon Polo event, which has raised thousands of dollars to find a cure for breast cancer.

      1. The Vineyard has been developed and, much to the owners benefit. Just because they provide free entertainment does not put them beyond all facts.
        Industry and jobs are the future of Crozet. Vineyards outside of Crozet well,
        there are a bunch of them…

    2. Wow. Anti-elitist crap from a self-proclaimed elitist.

      Who can besmirch granite countertops? Really? They clean up so well and match my Capitalist cabinets in cherry finish!

      I think you are on to something here tho. An obviously unprofitable winery/hobby that pays no taxes, tract housing that pays no taxes, tract housing residents that don’t shop at Crozet businesses, tract housing residents that don’t foster any sense of community/support the schools/help the rising tide in Western Albemarle float all the boats. The economy in Western Albemarle is in the pits (and by that I mean all those Chiles peaches that aren’t purchased anymore since the The Man Came Around).

      You got it brother! Burn that bra!

      1. There is a certain balance that a community needs to be healthy. I doubt that the amount of tax revenue gained will offset the money needed to support
        this bedroom community. A lot of Crozet business has left Crozet and the vast majority of Chiles peaches leave the area. I feel you are overstating at the very least. Very few have gained from the new bedroom community that
        Crozet has become. There is a lot more to Western Albemarle than Crozet.

  3. Wow! Some of the remarks here sure are cringe-worthy. I see this everywhere now. Is our community bereft of civility? So disappointing to see…

  4. I agree with Ginger. I wish we could all be respectful of each other. I’ve lived in Crozet nearly 15 years, and it sure has changed. I was not happy about the growth, but I’m changing my mind. We are lucky for the Crozet community members who spent so much time on the Master Plan. Yes we have more congestion, but it could be so much worse (check out NOVA) We have amenities we wouldn’t have, and the new people are pretty cool. And I live in the King Family Vineyards neighborhood, and consider them a huge amenity. I love the polo, its free, festive, and family-friendly. And its still about the only safe place we can walk to!

    1. Hmm… “And its still about the only safe place we can walk to!” Where in Crozet is it unsafe? I realize that the grape farm you speak of is not in Crozet but please include
      that area as well. Where is it unsafe??? And whenever you bring up that it could
      be so much worse it would also be correct to say that it could be so much better…

  5. Stop. Please don’t make me close the comments. If you have something on point and substantive to write, please do so. If you choose to write something that’s an attack or something in that vein, I’ll delete the comment and close comments.

    Seriously. I don’t have time for this.

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