Crozet Trails Crew Have Big Goals in 2015

The Crozet Trails Crew is one of those unheralded (or at least not-heralded-enough) groups that make Crozet a great place to live. Their efforts make being in – and staying in – Crozet better.

A few real estate-related thoughts:

Their 2015 goals are bold. And good. If you’re interested in helping them, I’m sure they’d welcome you!


CTC 2015 GOALS –


  1. Work on the upper upper loop at Mint Springs (led by County).
  2. Complete Creekside trail.
  3. Complete the Crozet Connector Trail from Lickinghole Basin to Crozet Park and spur trail to Clover Lawn (waiting on easements through 3 properties).
  4. Add a small bridge across the drainage area on Crozet Park trail.
  5. Erect signage at trail heads, significant points, etc.
  6. Continue to clear and maintain the Henley Hornets Trail and Crozet Connector Trail.
  7. Widen the County-owned portions of Lickinghole Basin trail east of mowed portion.
  8. Create a “destination spot” at Lickinghole Basin.
  9. Add entry steps and a rip-rap bridge on Foothills Crossing trail.


Crozet Trails in 2012


  1. Design the bridge to the south of Westhall across Lickinghole Creek (led by County).
  2. Design sheltered bench locations along the Crozet Connector Trail.
  3. Partner with other local organizations- CCBRTF, Crozet Running Club, service fraternities, WAHS Key Club, etc.
  4. Dedicate the 2014 5k bridge
  5. Work with the County on signs for trail heads and information for kiosks (including dates of hunting season).
  6. Work with local neighborhood groups to add to trail system (eg. Waylands Grant, Old Trail, Fox Chase, etc).
  7. Select and prepare a 5k running route from Crozet Park on all public property.
  8. Start a Trail Monitors program.


  1. Find a Marketing volunteer who can help grow the following lines of communication:
    1. Information to and from local real estate agents  
    2. School groups and scout troops
    3. Coordination with other Crozet groups regarding workdays and time sharing.

Website updates:

  1. Strategic vision
  2. Maps with GPS coordinates
  3. Links to other trails and other organizations:
    1. Albemarle County (like the newly opened Old Mill Trail, Monticello Trail) and City of Charlottesville (like the Rivanna Trail or )
    2. Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
    3. Waynesboro Greenway Trail
    4. Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation
    5. Blue Ridge Rail Trail
    6. Rails-To-Trail Conservancy (Virginia Trails)
    7. local bicycle and hiking resources, such as Rockfish Gap Outfitters, Performance Bicycle, Bike Factory of Charlottesville, etc.



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One Reply to “Crozet Trails Crew Have Big Goals in 2015”

  1. Keep up the great work. I hope to one day see the railroad between Crozet and charlottesville converted to a rails to trails. I can’t think of a better asset to this community.

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