How Many Times The Bridge Downtown Has been Hit?

After the mini-excitement on Monday morning,

Good discussion on the RealCrozetVA facebook page.

I asked Carter Johnson with Albemarle County Police how many times the bridge had been hit in the past 5 years and the County Police crime analyst quickly provided the answer:

2010 – 1
2011 – 1
2012 – 0
2013 – 3
2014 – 2
2015 – 0

Total: 7

For context, Phil James delivers:

Then — just imagine how many times it has been struck over the passed 98 years that it has been in place; during the years of thousands of trucks moving apples and peaches, and, later, tractor-trailers with supplies attempting a shortcut to the Morton/ConAgra frozen food plant.

Relatively speaking, things actually are pretty quiet these days.

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