WAHS Honor Council Disbanded With No Public Discussion?

Curious – what’s the impact of the elimination of the Western Albemarle High School Honor Council? Why no debate or discussion?

Click through and read the whole thing.

“I’m incredibly sad to say that Albemarle County Public Schools has disbanded the Western Albemarle High School Honor Council. The news was confirmed this morning by a WAHS administrator. The Honor Council has been an active body at WAHS since the early 1980s and has tried countless cases of honor code violations.

The most SHOCKING aspect of this entire ordeal doesn’t even have to do with the merits of the Honor Council itself, but with the fact that the county made this decision – which has important (and immediate) implications for school policy and school culture – with no conversations whatsoever with Western students or faculty. In fact, the Honor Council was supposed to meet this week to receive notice of our disbandment, but the meeting was cancelled because the council no longer technically exists. “

I’d love to hear from administrators/teachers … if you’d prefer an anonymous comment (I’ve seen it frequently challenging to have an honest discussion when one’s name is attached publicly to something) – send me an email here.

Read Tim’s post in its entirety.

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