Crozet Gazette – New Crozet Brewery, Farmers Market and More

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  1. I thought this comment from the Gazette brewery story was interesting –

    ““The name Pro Re Nata, or PRN, is a Latin term we use in medicine when we write prescriptions for pain medication,” explained Schoeb. “I would write it like this: Take one or two Percocet every six hours PRN dental pain. So it means ‘as needed.’ So come to the brewery ‘as needed’ for relief.””

    So … alcohol’s a drug. Duly noted. 🙂

  2. I raised concerns about the location of Stone Brewery but think this new one is great. The issue with Stone was that it was placed basically inside a residential neighborhood and adjacent to 2 schools. This new brewery is located on a main thoroughfare in a commercial district and a more significant distance from the schools. In my mind, they aren’t comparable.

    1. They both are basically in the same area but are on different sides of RT 250. Neither are in Crozet, Neither would be adjacent to any schools. The only difference is that this one does not need any zoning changes so good luck trying to stop it.
      On the bright side these days three out of four new business fail. Without a national following or name recognition the “NO” people still have something to root for…

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