Crozet Real Estate Conversation – Take 1

It’s easy to recite cold numbers when talking about the Crozet (or any) real estate market. One of the things that I really like to do is talk about real estate.

There is more to real estate insight that talking in 20 or 90 second sound bites, and I hope that’s evident in the video below.

David and I love talking about real estate – whether it’s last quarter’s median sales price numbers, prices per square foot, or where in Crozet houses are selling – real estate is something we love. Seriously.

I’ve written occasionally about real estate here (53 such tagged posts in nearly 10 year years). I’ve found that many Crozetians are interested in real estate. If you’re curious about what happened in the first half of 2015 in Crozet’s real estate market, hopefully you’ll find this interesting.

I titled this post “Take 1” because this was our first time out; we’ll be doing these every quarter. Have something you’d like us to address? Ask or leave a comment.

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