Crozet Park Gets Funding for Perimeter Trail

This is cool.

From Crozet Park’s Facebook page: (and RealCrozetVA)

We have some exciting news to share!! The Federal Highway Administration will provide us with a recreational trails grant. This grant plus the generous private match from the Neumeister family will allow us to proceed with building the long awaited Perimeter Trail. Creation of this trail has been on the Park’s master plan for many years, and respondents to last year’s Park survey overwhelmingly chose the Perimeter Trail as the most beneficial addition to our Park.

Background from the Crozet Gazette:

We are poised to start several Park projects in 2015:

Perimeter Trail: a paved, 8-foot wide, multi-use path, almost a mile in length, will go around the entire Park. Funding for this project would come from a grant the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) along with a generous gift from a local family. Our goal is to break ground in early summer.

Crozet Park is (seemingly) quickly becoming more and more of a destination location in Crozet … now … how about sidewalks on Park & Tabor?

A bit more from the Gazette in 2014:

Survey responses show that the community is very interested in developing the perimeter trail around the entire park, adding more amenities not tied to organized sports—picnic shelters/pavilions—and improving parking, Guenther said. When asked about new events and activities, nearly half of respondents requested more concerts and music in the park. Development of a pond-side amphitheater was high on the list of desired new facilities.

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