Getting Ready for Joaquin

It’s going to rain. We might need one of these. Seriously, if power does go out, flooding happens, etc, I’ll do everything I can to keep the RealCrozetVA twitter updated and will retweet as needed.

Evan Almighty's Ark
Evan Almighty’s Ark

The Red Cross has a good (pdf) checklist.


Some tips:
Don’t drive under the railroad bridge on Crozet Ave. 

Expect trees to come down.

Check on your elderly neighbors. 

Prepare for extended power outages.

Hope the breweries stay open 🙂
Movies for the kids, beer/wine for the parents?


The Newsplex says:

Hurricane Joaquin remains a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 125 miles per hour and gusts up to 155 miles per hour. The latest forecast path from the National Hurricane Center is similar to previous forecasts in taking the storm east of the DelMarVa Peninsula but the overall track has shifted to the east. Such a scenario would reduce the impact on central Virginia, but by no means is this forecast finalized and definite. Joaquin is still a threat to both the Mid-Atlantic and Atlantic Coast and will continue to be monitored in the next several days.

We’re having a good conversation on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page about how to be prepared for what is likely to be a remarkable amount of rain over the next few days.

Some useful tips:

What are the other known flood areas around Crozet?

  • I know that the intersection at Crozet Avenue and Tabor becomes challenging at times. Also, the right turn off of 250 on to Crozet Avenue at the stoplight.
– If we get the worst case scenario we might see flooding in places that we normally don’t. Some places that come to mind are the corner of Tabor and Crozet ave, there is a spot along Mint Springs Road …we could have problems under the bridge on Crozet Ave if drains get clogged or can’t handle the volume.
Things to get:
– Coffee, water, matches and candles-check. One large bin of back up water for flushing
–  I buy tea lights in bulk at World Marker. 6 hr. burn, and safer than other options.
– Great Valu has some eco friendly ones…I say eco friendly because they don’t have something bad candles brain forgetting what:) but anyway display next to organic soaps on end aisle near register…I’ve used them.

Serious and possibly life-threatening flooding may occur from this event. Showers will increase later today with heavier rain arriving overnight. Periods of heavy rain will last through Saturday.

Landslides, debris flows, and power outages are also major concerns.

This rain is NOT from Hurricane Joaquin. Any affect from that, if any, would not be until Sunday and early next week.

Make sure you have a plan to stay safe, especially if you live along creeks, streams, or rivers. Make sure you have a way to receive Warnings, even if the power goes out.”


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