CCAC Meeting – 16 December 2015 – New Developments + Growth

A few thoughts after tonight’s CCAC meeting:

  1. Having that many involved, interested, engaged people at a local meeting is AWESOME.
  2. Crozet is a designated growth area. It has been for many years.
  3. Crozet is going to grow.
  4. These developers are working under the constructs permitted by the County of Albemarle.
  5. If you want to effect change, it takes time. And effort. And time and dedication.
  6. See #1.
  7. If you want something to stay the same, buy it. Otherwise, expect it to change. I don’t say this flippantly, but bluntly and simply.
  8. The conversation that the community needs to have is far, far greater than one or two neighborhoods. It’s about Crozet. And the County. And the City of Charlottesville + County of Albemarle. And schools. And roads.  And taxes.
  9. If you comment on a matter, I think you should have to disclose your interest in the matter.
  10. Dig into the tweets. Come to the next meeting. Please.
  11. This is the slide deck the folks presenting about Adelaide used last night.
  12. Update – letter from the Cory Farm neighborhood against the rezoning

UpdateSean Tubbs with Charlottesville Tomorrow has as well.

If you take the time to watch the video, please note that:

  • I just learned of the “save to camera roll” option in Periscope … hence the cobbled (time-consuming) workaround in which you see texts from my mother and emails rolling through
  • I think tweets + video are far superior than only tweets or only video.

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27 Replies to “CCAC Meeting – 16 December 2015 – New Developments + Growth”

  1. I think that it is correct to say that things are moving in a direction that will be hard to reverse.
    This makes it more important that people have elected representatives rather than self
    interested groups of people trying to set and control the agenda. I agree with the statement,
    “If you comment on a matter, I think you should have to disclose your interest in the matter.”

    Conflict of interest should not be tolerated. Open elections tend to weed these problems out.
    The ability to fill a room does not indicate a mandate to lead.It is a shame that the newer
    residents of the area do not realize that. The silent majority needs to have themselves heard.
    Growth area does not mean you have to accept what certain groups want. It also does not
    give any power. Example: Restore N Station is not in any way shape or form in Crozet yet,
    here we go again. The track housing will deplete the areas resources far more but, the
    developers and real estate people want your minds on a gas station. I urge all interested
    citizens to get involved with the only actual local govt that we have. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors is interested in what you think. Don’t let your silence be used by others to advance their agendas…

    1. – Yep. When the County designated Crozet as a growth area, the die was case.

      – No implication that a filled room indicates a mandate, but it does reflect an interested and involved community. For these two issues, at least.

      – Restore N Station is in Crozet. So is Harris Teeter. The narrow lines that may exist that define “Crozet” legally do not reflect the practical and functional lines of reality.

      – I shouldn’t ask, but what in the world do you mean with this statement? “developers and real estate people want your minds on a gas station”

      – You’re absolutely right about the ones who actually have power. Anyone interested in voicing opinion should email [email protected]

      1. Restore N Station and Harris Teeter are not in Crozet. If you do not go by legal boundaries then what? Who decides the boundaries of an unincorporated community? It takes more than a self interest group. If Crozet
        would become a town it would have to have defined boundaries. If you keep
        peoples minds on the petty stuff they might not notice the real damage that is being done. Remaking Crozet into a track housing community is not even a wish of a majority or even a large number of people. The way it stands now there is a good chance that both sides of the Railroad track will be totally
        changed. The gas station has been run in a clean and respectable manner
        for awhile now. Any changes they want to make should be brought before
        their neighbors and County Govt. The other communities that border Crozet
        should not be ignored. Growth can be limited. We do not have to continue
        down this path. To say anything else is simply not true.

          1. Require affordable housing in every new track housing compound.
            Revise the master plan capping growth. It is not that hard to stop and
            this would not be the first community to do it. I just don’t understand the concept of loving Crozet but yet desperate for it to change.Where else can a bunch of outsiders hijack and area and claim to rule it?
            Driving long time residents out of the area due to a lack of jobs and affordable living is nothing to be proud of…

  2. To respond to Mr. Strauss’s suggestion I would respond with the following answers:

    “Require affordable housing in every new track housing compound.”

    Every new development since the adoption of the Crozet Master Plan includes a requirement for 15 percent affordable housing based on the County affordable criteria. For instance, Old Trail has both affordable rentals and homes and just announced they will be building a section which will contain what they call “cottage homes”, which will be around 1000 square feet, which should increase affordability. PHA has worked with the community to develop a plan for a mixed income development off Blue Ridge Ave that will provide a range of affordable housing.

    “Revise the master plan capping growth. It is not that hard to stop and
    this would not be the first community to do it.”

    I think it has to be remembered that the original Crozet Master Plan build out population was based on the current allowable development rights that existed at the time the plan was being developed. In short, and this is important to realize is that the Crozet build out population DID NOT increase with the Master Plan. I believe at the time the consultants hired by the county suggested the “Ideal population” for Crozet should be 12,000. The actual allowable build out population was somewhere between about 8,000 to 12,000 residents when the county created the Crozet Growth Area. The reason for the range is because a significant amount of the land was zoned to allow a range of 3 to 6 homes to be built per acre. What the master plan did was to allow for a change in the form of development, which allowed for a mix of uses and housing types, with the best example of this being Old Trail. Unfortunately, Mr. Wyant, who ran for the Board of Supervisors on a platform that the Master Plan allowed for too much growth and who won the election only to turn around and vote for a plan that would increase the population build out under the master plan to allow for up to 24,000 residents. When Ann Malleck was elected and working with the residents of Crozet she got the plan changed to lower the build out population to up to about 17,000 residents. I don’t think Crozet will reach this population because several of the newer developments approved will be done at a “By Right” level, which is a much lower density. Additionally, Old Trail has just applied for permission to lower their over all density from 1,600 homes to 1,000. So to some extent “capping” the growth in Crozet has/is already being done.

    With regard to jobs, I would point out that Crozet was fortunate to see the reuse of the Con Agra property to include multiple new businesses moving into the building. I’m not sure if all the jobs now available are equivalent to the Con Agra jobs, but it could have been a lot worse. We have also seen many new small businesses start up in Crozet to include the businesses at the Harris Teeter shopping center and the Clover Lawn shopping center, which have provided many new jobs. This not to mention the changes in the Master Plan that allowed the Liberty Hall development which allowed live work units and the changes allowed in Old Trail and the building of The Lodge at Old Trail, which by itself added 100 full and part time jobs. The challenge for the community now is to make sure th Acme Visible site is used to produce good jobs.

    Hope this helps

    1. Are you saying that every Track Housing development has affordable housing or,
      are there still ways around it? Can’t you manipulate a few things and get out of that requirement? Strange that you would include placing blame on a former Supervisor
      while giving credit to the current. It would be fair to say that we would be better off
      without either one. The Current one is more interested in committee politics than
      taking care of her core duties. That is being responsible for her district, not have
      unelected groups of people do it for her. The job situation is bleak, you just can
      not compare jobs with full benefits to what is available now. The number of people
      working multiple jobs to get by is an embarrassment. I guess it is just better to weed
      them out through economic methods. Where can you work one job in Crozet and
      afford to live here without outside income? The area has become unbalanced.
      How much retail and plastic homes does an area need? Chances for Industry
      have been wasted not because of the wishes of a community but, because of the
      few that claim to represent the community. And, The Crozet Master Plan has already
      been revised once and, it can be again. All your points are relevant for discussion
      by an elected Town Council not by unelected groups with their own agendas.

  3. I take a lot of exception to the comments that Developers are working within the constructs permitted by the county… this plan is a significant departure from what was designated on the land use plan.
    Also, that I should just “expect it to change”… I did…. according to the plan that took significant time and money to develop… this is nothing close to that plan.

          1. Ooops… very sorry, yes
            All the comments and pictures above seemed related to Adelaide

    1. When I stated, “These developers are working under the constructs permitted by the County of Albemarle.” that’s a true statement. If the County approves it, it’s allowed.

  4. By the way, please post the Cory Farm letter and maybe my letter attached here, with the same prevalence that you do the developers information… if fairness is a concern here…
    Thanks in advance,

  5. Sorry to Spam the page… here’s my last one. Concerning the deck reviewed by Mr. Redinger, here are my comments – appears to me some information manipulated:

    Slide 9 – the language on higher densities is from an old undated metadata page in the GIS system. This language is not in the current approved master plan at all.

    Slide 10 – Also not reflected in the Crozet Master Plan. This was a document created for the outdated 1996 land use plan for the entire county and has nothing to do with the Crozet Master Plan

    Slide 11 – This development as proposed certainly does not create beautiful roads and scenery, negatively impacts my property value as an abutter. The planners designated this parcel as matching Cory Farm and develpers are proposing a significant departure from that.

    Slide 13 – Concept Goals –
    -Not compliant with Crozet Master Plan as discussed
    -Where are the “Workforce & Affordable” JOBS in Crozet? Placing such housing 45 minutes from those jobs makes it much less affordable
    – There is nothing walkable to this parcel except Harris Teeter, and the master plan does not designate any future developments to walk to. This would be valuable in the town center but not here. There are also no sidewalks from the parcel to Harris Teeter.
    -There is no way to connect to the Crozet trail system from this parcel

    The 10 foot wide walking / biking trail is better known as a “sidewalk” and does not connect to anything on either end… trail to nowhere

    1. Hmm… There is a plan but, With the few pushing their own agendas and re-inventing
      language this is how we are now at this point. Without any risk or responsibility they
      continue to chant, it’s the plan boss, it’s the plan… Amelia Patterson is a good person
      so you should not give up on her. Since you do not live in Crozet you should receive
      a response from County Officials regarding your concerns. They alone are responsible for a response. Good luck to you.

          1. Do you know everyone else?? My definition is more correct than you will admit. Crozet is in the Whitehall district. Do you claim Whitehall
            as Crozet? The Crozet Master Plan does not define all land involved
            as within the boundary of Crozet. I will stick with the State definition.

          2. Glad to know the plan doesn’t apply to me. I assume you will set the rest of the county straight at the next meeting.

            Thanks for getting that for us 🙂

          1. That is the former name of the Director of Zoning for Albemarle Co.
            You posted a letter you wrote to her.

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