Looking Back at 2015 in Crozet

2015 was. I despise “top 10” type posts, but looking back can be a useful exercise.

Growth and development continue to be huge issues, Downtown Crozet’s redevelopment begins anew, the Crozet Library celebrated two years, WAHS got a new principal, Brownsville’s principal moved mid-year, the CCAC meetings were informative as always. I know I say this often, but the boring meetings are where things happen … months and months before most people get informed enough to get up in arms. Being a good citizen is time-consuming, and worth it.

Thank you to everyone who reads, lurks, comments, subscribes, here and on the ever-growing RealCrozetVA Facebook page/community. Y’all make Crozet a great place to live.


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Looking back towards Old Trail

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Morning at Mint Springs

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Flowers in Old Trail
Flowers in Old Trail

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Piedmont Place in downtown Crozet
Piedmont Place in downtown Crozet

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