Crozet’s Getting a Seafood Restaurant: Public West Pub & Oyster Bar

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Daniel Kaufman, owner of popular Charlottesville seafood staple, Public Fish and Oyster, is excited to be bringing his sister concept, Public West – Pub and Oyster Bar, to Old Trail. Overseeing culinary operations is Public Fish and Oyster’s talented executive chef, Donnie Glass. The seafood-centric concept will bring a number of popular favorites from the Charlottesville location such as moules frites, Oysters Rockefeller, and the popular pan roast. More casual pub fare such as a crab cake sandwich, fish and chips, and burgers will be unique to The Old Trail location. And of course, the daily changing oyster bar line up.

If you’re not familiar with Public Oyster Bar on West Main in downtown Charlottesville, it’s worth checking out so you know what to expect (hint: it’s quite good!) Their menu is here.

A seafood place is a great addition to Crozet

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2 Replies to “Crozet’s Getting a Seafood Restaurant: Public West Pub & Oyster Bar”


  2. I wonder if when somebody decides they want to put in a new restaurant in Old Trail they are looking at the makeup of the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. With 400 FAMILIES now here, wouldn’t a nice family restaurant make more sense than a specialty place like an oyster bar or even DaLuca’s? It didn’t do very well. Anna’s didn’t do well (IMHO they weren’t very good anyway, and we gave them more chance than they deserved). Restoration is pretty good, but their menu is pretty limited. The Mexican place is doing just OK, I think – still overcoming early issues. I hope Grit’s is successful (great sandwiches, BTW).
    I don’t have the answer, but I would bet Public will have to adjust menu and pricing before very long. I wish them luck.

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