Recapping Brownsville’s School Board Forum

Last night was a fun forum at Brownsville. The White Hall and At-Large candidates for school board made some time to lay out their positions and reasons for running for school board.

First thoughts:

I was thisclose to leaving out my opinions, but can’t help myself. The tweets are after the break; I highly recommend you read those.

  • Unless convinced otherwise, supporting/advocating for the county school system building their own private internet is reason for me to disqualify the candidate. Why, exactly, is Albemarle county building their own internet?
  • Supporting SOLs in their current format is reason to disqualify the candidate.
  • Colleges don’t look at SOLs, to the best of my knowledge. This seems to be a baffling & upsetting statement. (stated here as well)
  • I appreciated Dolly Joseph’s thoughts on technology, “hitting it with a technology stick” and her pushing back on the 1:1 technology ratio. We do live in a relatively affluent community (relatively!) – giving kids who already have devices is wasteful. (my opinion: and stupid).

As a friend said last night on Twitter:

I’m glad we all have chance to watch presidential politics tonight, but we’d be a better country if more people paid attention to local govt


Read the tweets.



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