A Nice Thing about Life in Crozet – Soup & Cupcakes

A funny thing happened a little while ago – soup started showing up on the front porch of a little house on Jarmans Gap. Turns out that soup is by the fine folks at L’Etoile.

On a schedule I’ve not yet tried to figure out, they put soup in a green cooler on their porch , $10/quart, and then – on your honor – you pay and take home a delicious quart of soup.  I’ve had the soup; it’s outstanding.

And then … cupcakes appeared next door!


(I’d have gotten a thing of soup, but I was on my way back from meeting clients, and my bicycle rack had only so much room!)


*As an aside, I find the media cycle interesting. Instagram -> Facebook -> Twitter -> Blog.

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4 Replies to “A Nice Thing about Life in Crozet – Soup & Cupcakes”

  1. Thank you for coming by and getting some cupcakes. I saw you bike away and all I could think was there would be no better picture of you in your Crozet shirt and your bicycle rack holding cupcakes. It made my day.

  2. Thank you so much for writing about us! I too love Crozet. This started as an experiment basically to see if a few people would like some soup. I try to have it ready by 9 am on Wednesday mornings in the cooler on the front porch of the kitchen, the honor box is behind the cooler. Look for the sign in the yard to see what we are offering for the week. I pull the sign in when we run out.

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