Thank you, Jerry

Crozet lost a great person this week, and our hearts are with Jerry Finazzo’s family.

Via facebook (bolding mine)

Jerry’s service will be on 11:00am, Tuesday March 22nd at Teague In Charlottesville. They will also open their doors for visitation 2 hours before the service. The Daily Progress will have this information available in Monday’s print. I also would like to say thank you to EVERYONE for all of the positive responses. They are keeping my fathers spirit alive and my family strong.

Please, spend a few minutes reading this story from the Crozet Gazette in 2012:


Jerry is unfailingly generous to local charitable causes. Recently customers could donate part of the bill to their local church, for example. “When I see people trying to raise money, I’m with them 100 percent because I know what it is like to have to raise money. Tiz has a lot to do with this. She brings me ideas.

“I never take advice from people who are younger than I am. I look in people’s faces and I can tell if they have suffered. As a boy I spent every night with my grandfather. I’ve seen everything he told me about.

“I love my country—Italy—but here has more. Here you have to work for it, but there, however much you work, you still have nothing.”


Thank you, Jerry, for setting an example that we would all do well to follow.




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