23 March – Learn About, then Speak About the Albemarle County Budget

via email from our Supervisor Ann Mallek:  (bolding mine)

“This Wednesday, March 23, at 7 pm at WAHS the county staff will be making a presentation on the budget, the local government side and the school side.

You may have heard about this through Amail, but I hope that extra effort will bring in a better turn out. Only two citizens attended the meeting at Jouett and at Monticello. One citizen was a repeat.

Let’s show what Crozet is made of and have a great turnout for this presentation.

Participants are welcome to offer questions and debate.

Make recommendations for items to restore from cuts or to cut from the budget.

As you know, one of the larger chunks of the budget which has suffered from lack of priority in the last six years is the CIP, or capital improvement program.

This is a great opportunity to advocate for inclusion of the Lickinghole Bridge into the six year road plan.

This highest priority project in Crozet is way past due.

I hope to see many folks there.  Thanks for your help.”

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3 Replies to “23 March – Learn About, then Speak About the Albemarle County Budget”

  1. The highest priority project as defined by who??? I would like to suggest that you have no idea what a majority of the people want
    and neither do I.

    1. I forgot to put the quotation marks in there – those are Ann’s words, not mine.

      I suggest that the eastern connector is a massive priority for the Crozet community as we sorely need infrastructure improvements.

      And it’s “by whom.”

      1. I used by “who” and I am sticking with it. Our Supervisor has
        enough people speaking for her. If she is actually for anything she should say it herself. If that is what she thinks then she
        is more out of touch than I had thought…

        How bout a Whole Foods in Old Trail? Tract Housing at it’s best.

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