Brownsville has a new Principal – Jason Crutchfield

Brownsville’s last principal abruptly left in November.  Now they have a new principal.

Jason Crutchfield just sent this email to the Brownsville community:

Dear Members of our Brownsville Community:

This evening, the School Board announced my appointment as Brownsville’s principal, effective May 1.

I am grateful for the Board’s confidence in me, for the opportunity I had to interview for this position, but above all, for the chance to have been a part of your team these past two years.


As principal, I would like to build upon our strong foundation for learning. I especially am excited about our technological leadership. Such initiatives as our 1:1 program, our 3D printing and design capabilities, and our Innovation Lounge have enormous potential to deepen the learning of students and extend their learning environment further beyond the classroom.

Our students are champions when it comes to creativity as demonstrated, for instance, by our Destination Imagination teams. So, too, are our parents and other members of our school community who are so engaged with our school. Brownsville always has been gifted in that regard.

One of our more impressive achievements this year is the professional and highly effective way we have handled our transition to new leadership. I’d like to express my appreciation to Barbara Edwards for her service, to Nancy McCullen for her valued support, and to each of you who participated in the search for a new principal, either through our online survey or as a member of the advisory panel.

As principal, it will be a privilege to meet and talk with you about your ideas, suggestions and hopes for preparing our students for lifelong success. One of the contributions I can make in that regard comes from the insight I gained as an assistant principal at Henley.

Later in the year, I look forward to spending some time with you in a community-wide meeting. Please know, however, that you are welcome to contact me at any time that I can be of assistance.

Thank you so much for your extraordinary support of our learning community.

Jason Crutchfield


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