Downtown Crozet Initiative Meeting – 12 May 2016 – Recap

I love this post, not just because it’s good information on the Downtown Crozet Initiative (the redevelopment of the Barnes Lumberyard) but because two Crozetians are providing the information.

First, from Art Wollam (who also wrote about the last meeting), and second, the tweets from Sam Harris.

Here’s what I got from the DCI meeting:

  • Significantly more people attending than in April.
  • The modified rezoning proposal went to Albemarle County on 6 April.
  • Albemarle County wants Milestone Partners to proffer the cost of the new road net, and possibly also ‘private ways’
  • Milestone Partners  promises not less than 28,000 sq ft park/plaza area.
  • Much back and forth between Frank Stoner (Milestone) and Mike Marshall (Crozet Gazette) as to whether there was enough ‘grid’ in the proposed new road net.
  • The Phase I design RFP went out to 12 firms: 8 local, 4 regional.
    RFP due date is 27 May. Frank Stoner is expecting maybe 8 responses.
  • Milestone Partners expects to pick 1 finalist design firm and ask it for 3 design options.
  • A community Town Hall is envisioned for September to review the 3 options
  • Schematic plans for Phase I due by end of November.
  • There was to be a CCA (story here) last night at which the DCI was going to ask approval going forward to seek grant funding.

And the tweets from Sam Harris



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