CCAC Meeting – 18 May 2016 – The Vue, Adelaide, Main Street

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Crozet Library


1. Agenda Review (David Stoner – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Status Update on Adelaide Project Rezoning (Jennie More) [20min]

4. The (Vue) Project Update and Implications (Jennie More) [20min]

5. Main Street Naming (Andrew Slack, Albemarle County GIS Specialist) [20min]

6. CCAC Organizational/Planning Discussion (All) [45min]

a. Goals & Priorities

b. Focus Areas

c. Meeting Format Improvements

d. Social Event

7. Items Not Listed on the Agenda

8. Announcements

9. Future Agenda Items

a. June – Schools discussion with school board rep(s)? (Beth)

*I’ll be at the Board meeting for the Miller School of Albemarle Endurance (Cycling) Team discussing the upcoming Dinner and Auction – 4 June 2016.

A tweet from Monday’s Crozet Business Owners’ meeting at PRN:

And, from the CCAC google group: (bolding  mine)

  1. Adelaide – the Planning Commission approved the project, so Jennie will give us an update and the group could discuss any follow-up
  2. The (Vue) – Several folks have inquired about this project and Jennie was going to give an update and talk about possible implications for future planning efforts
  3. Main Street – Andy Slack from the County is working on naming of Main St and wanted to come back to discuss the County’s plans with us
  4. CCAC Planning – Since it seems we have some time this month I thought we might at least start a “planning discussion” about CCAC priorities, possible improvements in how we do things, potential social event, etc.  We won’t have time to flush this all out but thought it might at least be an initial brainstorming session, which we could then work on prioritizing/actioning at a subsequent meeting(s), depending on how the group wants to proceed.
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  1. I’m taking a global policy class at UVA and would be interested in sitting in on a meeting. Do you meet on designated days of the month? Do you typically meet at the library? Would it be possible for me to attend?

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