Re Store N Station Faces Setback from County Planning Commission

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports:

A proposal to expand Re-Store’N Station, a controversial gas station and convenience store in Crozet, may be facing another contentious review process after the Albemarle County Planning Commission voted Tuesday to recommend denial of a special use permit amendment.

I’d make one change to the above – “A proposal to expand Re-Store’N Station, a controversial gas station and convenience store in Crozet, may be will be facing another contentious review process … ”

For some quick background, spend a few minutes watching the video from the January CCAC meeting.

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11 Replies to “Re Store N Station Faces Setback from County Planning Commission”

  1. Hmm… Something is very wrong when a beer joint is favored over a gas station. If water is really the issue why can’t they just hook up to County water like the beer joint?? You have people drinking outside next to the road with all the traffic, light pollution and
    all the other things they say will happen with the gas station expansion. Considering the area is not in Crozet maybe Jeff needs to sue a few people. See how interested and committed
    they really are…

    1. A gas station brings much more impact than does a beer joint.

      What does the gas station being “not in Crozet” have to do with anything?

      1. Really? A beer joint brings traffic, noise, light pollution, water
        usage, the same things that a gas station does. Plus the beer joint wants to expand too. People need to realize that this is not in Crozet, Evidence being a State highway mileage sign
        saying that Crozet is 3 miles away.

  2. I was shocked at how few people from Crozet were at the Planning meeting. Of course, we did not have a lot of notice. Please turn out in force for the BOS meeting. The Sprouses are trying to make this about water usage, but what they really want are the restrictions on size and hours of operation lifted. They keep saying they have only used a fraction of the water they are allowed, so the restrictions on hours, number of pumps and so on should go away. I fail to see the connection. They agreed to the restrictions the BOS imposed. Feel free to flush the toilets a few more times now. Route 250 west is supposed to be designated as a scenic byway, NOT the next Route 29.

  3. You already have tract housing and a large beer joint. And you
    actually know what the Sprouse’s are up to? Real facts?
    If water is the problem let them hook up to County water like the beer joint. I am guessing that people from Crozet were not at the meeting because this area is not in Crozet. The Blue Ridge Ave deal still has them in shock… Route 250 west of Crozet cannot be like Route 29 considering that it is a scenic byway but, that one area has always had commercial business’s on it. Much like Clover Lawn with Harris Teeter and
    a tract housing development that is called a farm. Favoring a
    beer joint over a gas station is just simply wrong…

  4. If the issue is a water connection then the county has already decided it will not extend water outside of the growth area. If memory serves me correctly Pro Re Nata, which was the old Moose Lodge, already had a water connection when Pro Re Nata bought the property. Another business along Rt 250, which recently requested a water connection was turned down by the Supervisor because it was not in the growth area, so this is not a case of favoring one business over another. The question before the planning commission was, should Restore N Station be able to add additional businesses to the current property under the current water limitations that were set during the original approval?

    1. But, the issue is not just about water, you also have noise, light pollution, and traffic. The beer joint adds all that plus sits closer to the road. So it can very easily be seen as favoring one business over another. Terms of use change all the time that is why there is a process to go through. And, you are correct the area is neither in Crozet or the Crozet Growth Area…

  5. Both businesses have to meet 1. light restrictions under the county’s light ordinance and 2. Noise limits, again under the county’s noise ordinance, so I see no evidence of the county favoring one business over another on the basis of noise or light. You are correct that when it comes to Restore N Station it is a change of usage for the existing property that is the issue.

  6. What bothers me the most is the self serving committees going
    after a gas station and favoring a beer joint which, wants to expand as well. I believe that they have a strong interest in purchasing the F & R property. And, Since both are clearly outside of Crozet or any growth area isn’t it time to take down
    the “Crozet” sign and move it to where it belongs? The gas station runs a clean, well cared for respectful business and deserves the
    opportunity to prosper…

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