CCAC Meeting Recap – 15 June 2016 | Growth, Schools, Adelaide, Power Lines

CCAC Meeting - 15 June 2016
CCAC Meeting – 15 June 2016


So much discussed tonight, and I’ll update this once the Charlottesville Tomorrow story is posted Update: Here’s Tim Dodson’s story from Charlottesville Tomorrow. (and I apologize for the formatting issues)

  • I love that 4 people were tweeting the meeting tonight; true comprehensive coverage
  • Schools and growth were a big topic of discussion
  • West Glen neighborhood proposal was discussed at length. Stream buffers, critical slopes, and more.
    • West Glen will be going to the planning commission on Tuesday
  • Another discussion about Adelaide (now to be discussed at BoS in September, I think)

These are some of the supporting/background stories referenced tonight

Storify with all of the tweets after the break. Really, please spend 15 minutes scrolling to the end and making your way back up. Please. Get informed.



Please, go to the bottom of the storify, click through to the end, and make your way back up.





  • Dominion is planning to rebuild the 500kV transmission line that runs thru western Albemarle (the one that crosses Rte 64/250 near the Crozet exit)
    • Rebuild I believe will look like the new towers put up over near Waynesboro (higher and what I think appress to be a much more reflective galvanized surface)
    • I think folks are concerned about the visual impact of the design selected.
    • Dominion has applied to the State Corporation Commission for approval for the rebuild –  comments or request for public hearing are due to the SCC today from what I can tell from the notice below
    • Ann and others are asking folks to write to the SCC requesting a public hearing – I think specifically to raise the issue of the appearance of the rebuild
    • Here’s a link to the application
    • Here’s a link to the route map (it’s along the existing T-line route)
    • Appended below is the public notice, with filing instructions
    • Also appended below are sample comments already submitted
    • I attach a link which you can quickly an easily submit a comment and/or request a hearing on this case.  I believe you simply use the “Submit Comments” button for case PUE – 2016–00020, which is the first case listed


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