When Are the Crozet Fireworks (in 2016)?

When Are the Crozet Fireworks Being Done? is one of the more common questions asked. “How can I donate to the Crozet fireworks?” is one of the more common questions that ought to be asked.

  • The Crozet Fireworks are being held on 2 July, 2016
  • You can donate to the Crozet Fireworks fund here.
  • And … volunteers are needed!
  • Pro tip: walk or ride bikes to the parade and the fireworks – you’ll find navigation much, much easier.

Crozet Fireworks 2 July 2016

From the CCA site: (click through to read the whole thing)

It all starts with the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) parade at 5:00 PM at Crozet Elementary School and goes down Crozet Avenue through downtown Crozet to Claudius Crozet Park.  The Parade Grand Marshals are Rick and Pete Maupin and we hope that the Richmond Shriners’ ACCA Mini-Patrol cars are one of the many entries in the parade.


It takes a village to have a community celebration. Your help for just an hour or two on Saturday, July 2 will make a big difference to the success of the Crozet Independence Day Celebration. Sign-up to help with the Crozet Independence Day Celebration (CIDC) next Saturday, July 2, between 5PM to 10PM. There are a variety of tasks and time slots. Most of the time slots are only an hour – so there’s lots of ways to help and still enjoy the event.

To sign up to help and volunteer, go here.

When you sign-up it will ask for your name, email and, optionally phone number. No one else can see your email and phone. We promise we won’t share it. It’s helpful for us to have it if something happens and we need to let you know about a last minute change.

We urge church groups, civic and neighborhood associations to sign-up. Crozet Trails Crew already has volunteered to staff one spot the whole evening! Let’s see which group can have the most volunteers!

With your help, we can make this Crozet Independence Day celebration the best ever!


Update 28 June 2016

Crozet fireworks  map - 2016


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